Red Summit

The Order of the Red Band was founded on 29 Rova 4707 in the Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint.  The founding members of the red band formed an adventuring group borne of necessity following the great goblin raid during the Swallowtail Festival of 4707.  After clearing out the haunted remains of a serial killer's house (known as Chopper) the town of Sandpoint gifted the island to the Red Band with the promise of a future base of operations.  Zenovia Wren acted as the intermediary and official Executor of the Red Band during the forming of the Order.  The island gained the new name of the Red Summit. 

Building began only two weeks later with local teamsters providing the work for cutting and clearing the island in preparation for the first stones to arrive.  The hardest part of the building was building a pulley/bridge system to transport the stone across the span between the edge of Sandpoint and the island, a span of over 80 feet.  Once the new stone bridge (a 15' wide marvel of engineering) was completed after thirty days building picked up. 

Guided by the principles of security first, the Order of the Red Band designed their new bastion around a centralized impregnable wall.  Stone became a problem while building the permitter wall.  What builders thought they would be able to use from the quarries a few miles north of town crumbled under the pressure of 28' walls.  After only a few days halt of progress, Yorastor and Co. were able to secure a safe quaray of stone from the Devil's Platter 10 miles east of Sandpoint.  This source took longer to transport and Zenovia Wren, the project manager for the Order of the Red Band brought in extra labor from Magnimar to make it happen.  The Bastion was completed at a heroic pace after only 15 days of construction (62 game days).  All of Sandpoint contributed to the effort with people baking and feeding the workers and offering laborers beds in their houses.  The townspeople appreciated the promise of security that the island keep offered.

The third item of work for the Red Summit was building a lodging for the members of the Order of the Red Band.  Lodging completed on the 60th day of work (77th game day).  The lodging included private rooms for ten people.  Rooms included beds, wardrobes, shelves, strong box, and washing station.  Members of the Red Band returned from Magnimar on the same day the lodging was completed.  Local artisan turned adventurer, Yorastor, praised the efforts of local craftsmen for completing such exquisite work so quickly.  "Your efforts are the bedrock upon which the Red Summit is built, and this town is the reason we fight!" said Yorastor at the Junker's Edge where now stands the impressive bridge to the Red Summit.

The fourth item of construction was the Great Hall.  The hall was the ground level of what would be the central tower off the back side of the Summit.  Located primarily on the outside of the central wall it was fortified to the same standard for the first 20 feet.  Light filtered in from windows and lamps.  The second floor will feature a terrace with grand views of the ocean and could double as an archer's next during an attack.  Construction of the Great Hall finished on day 76 of construction (93 game time).

The fifth item was the lavatory.  Prior to its completion any residents and workers had to cross back over the bridge (or use the "woodline").  Completion of the lavatory enhanced sanitation and gave running water within the building for the first time.

The kitchen followed shortly after the lavatory.  With its own source of running water and ovens for cooking hot food it was a modern marvel.  Located in the base of the northern tower the kitchen had enough facilities to serve a hot dinner to 20 people.  It was completed on day 92 of construction (109th day of game time).

Items scheduled for building are:

  • Guard Post
  • Stable
  • Storage
  • Courtyard
  • Office
  • Armory
  • Secret Room
  • Infirmary
  • Alter
  • Bunk Rooms
  • Training Room/Dojo
  • Battle Ring (for expositions)
  • Farmland for local garden


  • Bridge (Days 17 – 47, 7 Neth 4707)
  • Defensive Walls (Days 48-62, 22 Neth 4707)
  • Lodging
  • Great Hall
  • Lavatory
  • Kitchen

Red Summit

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