Game Time

Adventure Summary and Game Time

Day 1 Sunday 23 Rova, Swallowtail Festival, everyone arrives in Sandpoint, Sandpoint is attacked by Goblins.
Day 2 Moonday 24 Rova, Downtime and players investigate the desecrated crypt.
Day 3 Toilday 25 Rova, Dorin's encounter with Shayliss Vinder, and then a full day of resolving Ven Vinder's problem with Dorin, killing a goblin in the floorboards, and searching Chopper's Island.
Day 4 Wealday 26 Rova, Resting, recuperating, downtime, and visit with Shalelu while asked to stick around as Sheriff Hemlock goes to Magnimar.
Day 5 Oathday 27 Rova, boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove. Lonjiku Kaijitsu made a scene at the Rusty Dragon.
Day 6 Fireday 28 Rova 4707, Bethana Corwin reports Ameiko's absence. Investigation of the Glassworks. Discovery of the ancient temple beneath Sandpoint.
Day 7 Starday 29 Rova, Return to the catacombs. Kohra finishes exploring the tunnels alone.
Day 8 Sunday 30 Rova, Rest and recuperate. Downtime. Tsuto hung in a gibbet from the cliffs over Tanner's Bridge.

Day 9 Moonday 1 Lamashan 4707, Downtime. Yorastor returns from reconnoitering Thistletop Keep.
Day 10 Toilday 2 Lamashan, Sheriff Hemlock returns to Sandpoint (evening).
Day 11 Wealday 3 Lamashan, First profits from Magnimar return (noontime).
Day 12 Head to Thistletop by boat. battle way into upper level of the keep and barricade inside south eastern tower before going on.
Day 13 Big battle with Ripnugget, goblin king of Thistletop. Looted the treasury.
Day 14 Descended into the lower level and battled the Tentamort. Entered the chapel and battled it out with Bruthazmus.
Day 15 Descended to the second subterranean level and found Nualia. Chased her through the ancient, flooded, treasury. Discovered the secret area and vanquished the Barghest, Malfeshnekor. Returned to Sandpoint for a bigger boat and workers to loot Thistletop.
Day 17 First stones laid for the Red Summit.
Day 18 Shelelu announces goblin activity in the region is drastically reduced and back to normal in-fighting.

Day 19-47 Relative peacefulness and productivity. The first buildings rise on the Red Summit (although it isnt quite deserving of its name yet). Downtime for players in town or around.

Day 48 Oathday 8 Neth, The cool breeze of fall makes you turn your head north and wonder if the witches of Irrisen 500 miles away were doing something to bring the cold earlier than usual. Sheriff Hemlock asks you to investigate the murders at the lumbermill. index.jpg
Day 49 Fireday 9 Neth, Investigated the murders in the farmlands.
Day 50 Starday 10 Neth, Traveled to and investigated the old Foxglove Manor known as the Misgivings.
Day 51 Sunday 11 Neth, Wrapped up at Foxglove and returned to Sandpoint.
Day 52 Moonday 12 Neth, Day to discuss events and conduct research/rest in town.
Day 53 Toilday 13 Neth, Answered the request to investigate the disappearances from the road East of town. Saild to Runt Cormorant. Rescued Lissi from captivity of the Kijimuna. Runt Comorant, Runt Cormorant 2, Runt Cormorant3.
Day 54 Wealday 14 Neth, Healed up from the attack the previous day.
Day 55 Oathday 15 Neth, Used the Key and had to rest a full day again.
Day 56 Fireday 16 Neth, Investigated the Shipwreck and found the treasure. Returned to Sandpoint.
Day 57-58 Starday-Sunday 17-18 Neth. Downtime in Sandpoint. The town prepared for grad displays of magic by any and all who could perform on Evoking Day, 18 Neth.
Day 59-61 Moonday-Wealday 19-21 Neth. Three days of traveling to Magnimar.
Day 62 Oathday 22 Neth. Arrival in Magnimar and visit to Aldern's home there. Party encounters Faceless Stalkers.
Day 63 Fireday 23 Neth. Party investigated Kaijutsu manor in Magnimar.
Day 64 Starday 24 Neth. Party heads to Seven's Sawmill. Intense fighting throughout. Party captures Justice Ironbriar and learns of Xanesha, the Lamia living in Underbridge.
Day 65-69 25-29 Neth. Party rests, prepares to fight Xanesha and decodes part of the journal of Ironbriar. Ironbriar held captive.
Day 70 Fireday 30 Neth. Party heads to Underbridge for Xanesha. Encounters Tengu, Urbites in need of help and fights of a band of Szcarni.

Day 71-75 Starday - Oathday 1- 5 Kuthona. Rest and recouperation at the Kaijitsu Manor in Magnimar.  Official inquiry by the Chief Inspector under direct authority of Mayor Grobaras of Magnimar. After the quick inquiry he discovers the treachery of his chief magistrate and associated collusion of the Skinsaw men.  He invites the heroes to his garden for dinner and rewards them for their service.

Day 76-77 Fireday-Starday 6-7 Kuthona.  Travel back to Sandpoint.  Construction has continued during the 20 days away from the Red Summit.

Day 77-101 Downtime in Sandpoint.  Winter starts.  This part of the world does not get much snow.  Temperatures hover in the 40s and fishing is better than usual with migrating fish feeding off the coast of Sandpoint.  Frequent storms cause days of rain.  Construction progresses on the Red Summit.

Day 102 Wealday 1 Abadius.  (1st of January 4708)

Day 109 Wealday 8 Abadius: Present game time.  32 days of Downtime activities have passed.

Day 110-111.  Travel to Magnimar.

Day 112 Starday 11 Abadius.  Board ship to Turtleback Ferry.

Day 113-117 Travel to Turtleback Ferry via riverboat (sail and oar).

Day 118 Starday 17 Abadius Arrive in Turtleback Ferry.

Campaign Timeline

4656 Kaijitsu family arrives in Magnimar having fled over the Crown of the World from Minkai. Lonjiku born in Magnimar.

4667 Four families from Magnimar found Sandpoint (Kaijitsus (glassmakers), Valdemars (shipbuilders), Scarnettis (loggers), Deverins (farmers and brewers)).

4684 Tsuto Kaijitsu born

4685 Ameiko Kaijitsu born

4687 Aldern Foxglove born in Foxglove manor (south of Sandpoint)

06/25/4702 Late Unpleasantness Begins, Jervis Stoot begins killing spree

07/05/4702 Funeral of Atsuii Kaijitsu

07/30/4702 Stoot is slain; Hemlock becomes Sheriff

09/03/4702 Temple burns down killing Father Tobyn (and his daughter Nualia)

09/27/4702 Ameiko takes over the Rusty Dragon

09/23/4707 Start of the adventure (see above for adventure timeline)

Game Time

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