Thistletop Keep

Thistletop Keep is an old island fort roughly 6 miles east of Sandpoint. It is currently occupied by the Thistletop Goblins with Ripnuggert as their leader.

Recent intel reveals Tsuto was working with Nualia who aspires to transform herself into a demon and she is working with the goblins.

Ripnuggert is the leader of the Thistletop Goblins. They pride themselves on the location of their lair. Thistletop is the most desired of the local goblin lairs. There are occasional skirmishes amongst the goblin tribes and often they center on who is envious of control for Thistletop.

Thistletop_Toss.jpgThe keep itself is situated upon a curiously round rock island about sixty feet off shore and connected with a rope bridge. It is six miles east of Sandpoint by the road. The Nettlewood is a dense thicket of thorns and briars that make the approach on foot very difficult. The small keep atop the formation gets its name from the Thistle River that emerges along the coast near the keep. The cliffs on the island are 80 feet high and treacherously slippery with sea spray.

Thistletop has long served as a den for goblins. It is an ancient site and some say that when the light hits the side of the rock formation just right you can see a giant’s head. One fisherman swears that is the face of an ancient god that fell into the ocean. In a drunken state he also talks about getting too close to shore with his fishing boat and nearly being eaten by a man-sized demon with shark-like teeth and a grey tail. The fisherman mentions the best fishing is on the west side of the island near a coral reef. Something about the flow of water there makes a healthy ecosystem. He once caught an old gold helmet with several encrusted coins in it. He drank for three months off that haul. Luck hadn’t favored him like that again.

Inquiries into legal ownership reveal no current claims. The area has been a hotbed of goblin activity for more than a hundred years and Varisian oral histories talk of a cult to a demon god having built it four hundred years ago.


Thistletop Keep

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