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Order of the Red Band (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path)

Fellow adventurers, I am finally finished with my degree and have time to put energy into gaming again. I am restarting a campaign we played for over a year (when Remington’s last went on hiatus). We are currently level seven. So, if you are looking for a game to keep you busy every week then you can fill in the gaps of Remington’s game with this one. (play every other week) We will use the same D20Pro + Google Hangouts as Remington’s.

If you are interested, You may create a seventh level character. I ask you not to read the pathfinder adventure path called the Rise of the Runelords. Don’t read any of the very extensive Reddits or any web blogs. Please leave the adventure to discovery. Besides, I take liberty with some of the areas and encounters. Remington owns a keep and is the defacto leader of the Order of the Red Band, Protectors of Sand Point. So you wouldn’t find that anywhere out there. Check out our wiki page for more info.

Do read the Rise of the Runelords Player’s Guide (12 pages). I will email it upon request. It gives you the background of the area, traits, and a little bit about town. This campaign is pretty much all set in Varisia. If you are from there you may read the book to give ideas for creating a character. You may also be from the larger city of Magnimar (you can read the Magnimar book for ideas). The party is currently in Magnimar. So any reason you are there (if from abroad) could be a good way to at least meet these guys. Maybe you lived or arrived in Magnimar and heard of the reputation of the Order of the Red Band (ORB) and journey out to sign up.

Create a 7th level player and email my for approval. Use 20 point buy and pretty much any book is fair game. But I have authority to deny your character selections. We are in a super large town so nearly any item is available. You have a character wealth of 23,500gp.

Tim plays Kohra, a ninja
Remington plays Yorastor, a mage-type
Chris plays Dorin Jal, a ranger
Clint plays Milo Sarani,a fighter

Let me know if there is any interest. I know people are busy and every week might not be possible. You can give up Remington’s if you prefer this one. Also, you might be able to pop in or out as your schedule permits. I know I can always have a reason to take a person out of the fight. Long term injuries, periods of intense research, relaying particularly important information back to a branch of the order in a far of town, etc.

We will build characters, work histories and tie-ins this month and then start playing after the new year (unless no one has plans).


Zandu Zandu

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