Zenovia Wren


A woman of extreme beauty and grace. Her sapphire eyes are the color of a summer sky, hair the color of an evening sunset, a voice soft and gentle like but with a strength of an ocean. Wind gently ruffles the rich colored clothing of the Shoanti tradition as if it didn’t want to disturb her dress. Wren is an oracle who favors the gods of nature, sea, sky, and animals she sees portence in all things. A half-Elf, half-Shoanti she stands nearly five foot-eight inches. Often wearing short sleeves she proudly displays her several tattoos that depict the elegance of birds and nature that she favors. A strange sickness affected her vision some years ago and now her vision is permanently blurred and she is quite blind to anything further than a dozen paces. Wren attributes it to her visions of the things to come rather than the things now present. She pulls items within two feet of her eyes when reading and writing.


Wren, as she is called, is a Seer. Not the card touting Harrower tradition but a visionary. She is young for a woman so possessed of the gift. An orphan from birth (25 years ago) she was raised in the Turandarok Academy orphanage for most of her childhood. Hayliss Korvaski became somewhat of a mentor to her and has often been something of a mother as well. Displaying a gift for divination from the age of 12 Hayliss has provided a sounding board for her. Since leaving the academy Wren has made a name for herself with predictions of importance. Sometimes discounted as a cook, her predictions have an uncanny way of proving true. She is extremely involved in town and seems to know how to persuade people to her way of thinking.

She is a gifted tattooist and calligrapher. Wren runs a little business of tattooing magical enchantments on patrons who would like to enhance their life. She runs a small but successful storefront out of her home on Bishop Street. Seventy percent of business is from Shoanti tribespeople looking for traditional tattoos. the other thirty percent are to those looking for enhanced tattoos of protection or power.

Zenovia Wren

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