Milo Sarani

A former crime enforcer seeking his fortune on the road.


Milo is tall and broad shouldered. He has black hair, black eyes, and a ready grin.


Born and raised in Riddleport, Milo Sarani is of mixed Varisian and Chelish heritage. Due to his size and strength, he was an enforcer for a gambling house early in his youth. His training focused on the longsword which he wore conspicuously to dissuade would-be cheats. At night, his occupation was to relieve guests of their most prized possession and he became adept at getting into any chest or safe.

He drew the attention of the local crimelord that backed the gambling house. He worked his way up into the employ of the local crime syndicate. As both an enforcer and safe-cracker, Milo had a high station. Never requiring stealth and being slow of speech, Milo let his longsword do the talking. He never received any formal education.

Despite his relatively privileged status within Riddleport, he longed for adventure. He wanted to put his sword to use beyond local turf wars between rotating crimelords. He had amassed a fair fortune, from both his employment and his marks, and waited for his opportunity. After a rival’s daring raid, his organization was short on capital to retaliate. Milo offered the vast bulk of his fortune to his employer for release from his contract.

Taking only what he could carry, he left Riddleport free from obligations. He’d seen his fair share of gold, power, respect, and blood. His only goal is to take in the world, carving a path with his sword to wherever it leads him.

Milo Sarani

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