Dorin Jal


Dorin has light brown hair, gold eyes and olive skin. He wears a brass colored breastplate and a striking blue cloak. He attempts to carry himself with confidence given the wealthy family that he comes from, but is often times unsure of himself as he has yet to prove his mettle to his parents as his much more successful siblings already have.


Dorin comes from the village of Turtleback Ferry on the border of the Cinderlands. His family has made a very successful living off of bounties posted on criminals and magical beasts throughout the surrounding region. Dorin is the youngest of two brothers and two sisters, all of which are highly competitive. So much so, that Dorin has yet to claim his first bounty; his older siblings always seem to catch the prey before he can.

Dorin decided to venture far to the west to seek his first bounty, be it paid or unpaid. He had heard stories of the Sandpoint Devil and has been scouring the hills surrounding Sandpoint for a few years in search of his prey. He’s met and battled plenty of goblins, but he has yet to lay eyes on the Sandpoint Devil.

Dorin Jal

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