Order of the Red Band

Yorastor Internal Dialogue, I

Yorastor was unsure what to make of the bloodied group that trudged through Sandpoint on the way to Father Zantus. He was checking in on his neighbors and fellow shopkeepers after helping to run off the goblin menace. He was deeply troubled by the open gate and no clear reason for it being so. He was highly intelligent man long used to solving difficult formulae and problems – he felt confident this too would yield to his abilities.

The two fighter-types were burly and effective in close quarters – just as you’d expect from seeing their weapons and physiques. The human one was quite skilled with the bow as well – having dropped several goblins with his highly accurate shooting. The other was clearly some sort of rager – at one point he seemed to swell before launching a crushing series of blows against the small foes.

The woman was highly attractive – for a human. Which made her not attractive at all to Yorastor. Nonetheless, her swaying hips belied a deadly grace and skill. She quickly transformed from swaying dancer to attacking fighter. Clearly mobility was her weapon. She also showed more than a little…vehemence in putting down the goblins. She ensured each was dead by brutal stabbing them again.

In all, his shop was safe and so was he. A good outcome to a run in with goblins.


Zandu abacus

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