Sandpoint Lumber Mill

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Campaign Update

The party investigated murders at the Lumber Mill (Day 48).  Linked it to the killings in the field and tracked it back to Aldern Foxglove.  The noise of the logsplitter late at night was Banny Harker covering the sounds of his secret love affair with Katherine Vinder.  Both Harker and Katherine were killed by Aldern with Harker having one of the seven pointed stars engraved into his chest.

With the lovers killed the sawmill now does not operate late at night.  Ibor continues to run the mill with slightly less efficiency as his previous partner Harker.


This long building was one of the first to be built when Sandpoint was founded. Owned by the industrious Scarnetti family, the mill and its daily operations have recently been left more and more to a pennypinching businessman named Banny Harker and his partner Ibor Thorn. Neighbors have been complaining that the two have been running their insidiously noisy logsplitter into the wee hours of the night as they rush to keep up with demand in the face of Magnimar’s increased hunger for lumber, but harker’s influence with the Scarnettis has so far kept any mandates against operating the logsplitter from coming to pass.

Sandpoint Lumber Mill

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