Runt Comorant

This island is the smallest of the Comorant Islands and the one most familiar with the fisherman of Sandpoint. It sits closest to the mainland of Varisia. The shoreline is half rocky cliffs and half sandy shorelines. The island is variously reported as either haunted or overrun by harpies. The people of the Sandpoint area cannot recall anyone in recent memory setting foot on the island. Many fisherman sail between the island and the mainland though so it is regularly observed.

Several weeks ago a boat came back and mentioned siting harpies circling the northern portion of the island. The men avoided sailing further but did not see a clear reason for the harpies to be about. A week later, a man posted on watch for a boat anchored north of town disappeared. Eight days after that a two-man fishing boat did not return to harbor. Then last night a larger vessel, five men in crew, has been more than three days late in returning. This combined with a similar string of attacks for those using the road to the north lead many to suspect the worst – the harpies of have hatched brood and the Cormorants have gone from places to avoid to cemeteries. With tearful pleas the people of Sadnpoint beg Zenovia Wren to dispatch members of the Red Band to find the harpies and put them down.

After looking into the rumors Runt Comorant is the logical place to start. It had the siting of harpies, it’s the closest to the mainland and a portion of the island is heavily wooded. An older wreck is visible on the south portion of the island. Rumor holds the vessel was from Magnimar and filled with riches. Tales vary from a wealthy merchant vessel to a collectible dealer to a vessel of the Lord-Mayor’s office. None know for sure the contents or origin of the ship but those that went to explore it failed to return…


Runt Comorant

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