Welcome adventurers to Pathfinder. Here I will describe any key rules I intend to use or areas I won’t allow. For the most part I plan to use the wide set of rules as described in the numerous Pathfinder books produced by Paizo. There are some third party publishers who publish books for Pathfinder. If you plan to use anything like that just email me the link or the description so I can study up on it and allow it prior to game play.

Character creation is standard as described in the Core Rule Book or in the PFSRD. I also talked about character creation in this post.

I will be encouraging rules from Ultimate Campaign in this game. I have one player who has figured out a way to start with enough money to purchase a shop in town and run a business with the rules from Ultimate Campaign. I like all the downtime rules in that book. When we have days not spent questing you may roll downtime checks for day jobs (perform, profession or a few other skill checks). Another interesting aspect of downtime is the retraining section. That section talks about swapping out feats, skills, or even ability scores. It takes time and money but is a neat option to make changes to your character as your idea changes.

Please come to the session knowledgeable of the rules regarding any special actions/attacks your character may attempt. If you plan to often attempt crazy climbing feats read up on the rules for climb. If you often grapple please understand the checks and counter checks requred to maintain a grapple. I have not memorized 100% of the rules and it will slow us down in combat if we have to go look up everything. To aid us all I have found a few cheat sheets to keep handy.
Basic Rules Cheatsheet
Combat Cheatsheet

House Rule 1: You may make changes to your character while you are level 1. This includes changing feats, items, and even class/race to refine your idea of what your character should be. We will be playing these characters for a while and I want you to be happy. All changes must be approved by the GM.

House Rule 2: Additional XP will be awarded for good narrative posts to Obsidian Portal. Additional XP will be awarded for updating wiki pages with adventure progress and hyperlinking/cross-referencing pages. The GM appreciates the help cataloging data as we progress.


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