Gents, Below are listed all the rewards from your adventures. Bolded encounters award Fame.

Swallowtail Festival
Initial assault 4 goblins CR 3 605XP 150 each
Goblin pyros 4 goblins CR 3 605XP 150 each 1 potion of cure light wounds, small whip
Final fight 5 goblins CR 4 1,140XP 300 each 1 potion of cure medium wounds, masterwork horsechopper (small polearm)
Total XP 600 each

GoblinWarchanter.pngThe goblins are all small size and armor and weapons are sized for them. Additionally, most of their items are of inferior quality put together from items scrounged from the garbage. Each of the goblins (x12) had a dogslicer (small shortsword with holes in the blade to reduce weight), a light wooden shield, and leather armor (made out of dog hide and scavenged items). Each goblin had numerous rings and decorations worn on their arms and piercing their ears (worth about 5gp total).

Father Zantus cured you after ending the threat (~15gp x2). Ameiko Kaijitsu offered you free rooms at the Rusty Dragon for a week (2gp per night/person ~56gp)

Local Heroes Session 2
Desecrated Vault 2 Skeletons CR 1/2 200xp 50 each discarded robe of bones
Shopkeeper’s Daughter Ven Vinder not resolved
Total XP 50 each
Chopper’s Island Session 3
House falling trap CR3 800xp 200 each
Second stairs Chopper’s Haunt CR3 800xp 200 each
North room 5 zombies CR3 800xp 200 each
Lower level boy ghost CR4 1,200xp 300 each
subtotal XP 900xp
Shopkeeper’s Daughter Ven Vinder CR2 600xp 150 each
Monster in the Closet Gesgurt CR1/2 200xp 50 each
Total XP 1,100 each
Loot: 2 onyx gems (~15 each, estimated), 1 scroll summon monster III, 1 rusty carving knife, 1 stuffed animal dog. When you take the boy's remains to the cathedral or to Sheriff Hemlock you learn it is Simon Korvut, the son of Das Korvut, the owner and prime blacksmith of Red Dog Smithy. Das rewards you all with a masterwork weapon of your choice.

Local Heroes
Boar Hunt Boar CR2 600xp 150 each
Trouble at the Dragon Lonjiku CR1 400xp 50 each
Missing Bartender Goblins CR3 800xp 200 each
Missing Bartender Tsuto CR3 800xp 200 each
total 600 each
Searching the glassworks reveals mostly broken glass creations and my still intact. On Tsuto you find one potion, a composite short bow with 20 arrows, a ring, a high quality set of thieves tools, a high quality flute, silver earrings (worth perhaps 25 gold for the both), six pouches of gold dust (50 gp each), 8 pouches of silver dust (5 gp each), and 10 pp. Searching the den where he had been sleeping you found a journal full of information on the attack on Sandpoint and possible future, bigger, attacks. You also discovered and rescued Amiko in a locked room of the basement.

Catacombs of Wrath
Guard Area Hiddeous Monster CR2 600xp 150 each
Cathedral Erylium & Monsters CR5 1,600xp 400 each
Cathedral Additional Sinspawn CR2 600xp 150 each
Cathedral Additional Sinspawn CR2 600xp 150 each
total 850 xp each

So far you have found a well made ranseur held by a statue that looks ceremonial but effective. It is a work of art with beautiful inlays. You bottled two vials of waters from the alter in the entry way to the cathedral. You stripped Erylium of her exquisit black silk gown, a dagger identified as a tiny cold iron +1 magic dagger (1d2 damage), a tiara, and an obsidian unholy symbol of Lamashtu.

Return to the Catacombs
Cave Tunnel Gelatinous Cube CR3 800xp 200 each
Prison Sinspawn CR4 1,200xp 300 each
Prisoner Pits Koruvus CR3 800xp 200 each
Washing Pool Vargouille CR2 600xp 150 each
total 850 xp each

While searching the rest of the catacombs you find a ranseur of masterwork quality and artistic design estimated at about 400gp. You claim a +1 longsword, silver dagger, masterwork handaxe, two scrolls, a bottle of fine wine, a magic wand and a prayer book to Lamashtu.

Thistletop Keep Session 1 Ground Level
Outside Goblin Riders CR5 1,600xp 400 each
Water Brigade Goblin Warriors CR2 600xp 150 each
Ruined Tower Goblin Dogs x4 CR5 1,600xp 400 each
Reinforcements Goblins x3 CR2 600xp 150 each
Tower Goblin Commandos x2 CR1 400xp 100 each
total 1,200 xp each

No noticeable loot yet.

Thistletop Keep Session 2 Ground Level
Throne Room Ripnugget and Cronies CR6 2,400xp 600 each
Exercise Yard Shadowmist (horse) CR2 600xp 150 each
Treasury Slasher Trap CR3 800xp 200 each
total 950 xp each

Throne room: 1 potion of cure moderate wounds, small masterwork breastplate, small +1 short sword, dented crown. Key ring for all locks on top floor. 1 potion of cure light wounds, wand of silent image, small studded leather armor, small short sword, small shortbow, 20 arrows, 1 whip, 20gp.
Meeting Room: silver holy symbol of Lamashtu with tiny garnets for eyes (appraised at 40gp). Large iron key.
Treasury: This is the accumulated wealth of the Thistletop tribe, unorganized pile of 7,432cp, 2,490sp, 89gp, 3pp, a leather pouch of 34 badly flawed malachites (appraised at 1gp each), Medium chain shirt, medium masterwork scimitar, a pair of masterwork manacles, a gold holy symbol of Sarenrae (appraise 100gp), a jade necklace (appraise 60gp), and a fine blue silk gown with silver trim (appraise 150gp, Kohra knows her dresses).

Thistletop Keep Session 3 Dungeon
Caves Tentamort CR4 1,200xp 300 each
Chapel Goblins and Yeth CR5 1,600xp 400 each
total 700 xp each

Searched the bodies of six leathery corpses in the caves finding lots of rusty goblin quality small items. Blackheart saw one aura through the din: +1 dog hide armor (small), ruined but once masterwork horsechopper, and a small masterwork shortbow.

Thistletop Keep Session 4 Dungeon
Chapel Bruthazmus CR3 800xp 200 each
Halls Goblins CR2 600xp 150 each
Halls Orik CR3 800xp 200 each
Herem Goblin wives CR2 600xp 150 each
Research room Lyrie CR3 800xp 200 each
total 900 xp each

Loot: masterwork bastard sword, composite longbow+3, +1 Banded mail, masterwork heavy steel shield, everburning torch, scroll of comprehend languages, scroll of see invisibility, scroll of sleep, wand of magic missile (38 charges), dagger, cloak of resistance _1, silver comb (apprise 25gp) fine silk gown (appraise 60gp), everburning torch, small pouch of artifacts (hair, fingernail clipping, used handkerchiefs, and a pearl earing (appraise 50gp)), Spell book with nine spells, 5pp, and 373gp.


Thistletop Keep Session 5 & 6 Dungeon level 2
Trapped Hall slashing cage trap CR4 1,200xp 300 each
Observation Deck Nualia CR6 2,400xp 600 each
Collapsed Treasury Giant Hermit Crab CR5 1,600xp 400 each
Barghest’s Prison Malfeshnekor CR7 3,200xp 800 each
total 2,100 xp each (1,200 more)

60 everburning candles, ring of force shield, silver coffer (appraise 100gp), exquisite surgical tools (appraise 100gp), silver and gold seven pointed star (key), 300lb gold giant helmet (appraise 3,000gp), fifteen minutes spent searching the ruined treasurey reveals 3,500sp, 630gp, 40 precious stones appraised at 10gp each, and a jade amulet of natural armor +1. On Nualia’s body you found +1 breastplate, +1 bastard sword, masterwork composite longbow with 20 arrows, Sihedron medallion, gold holy symbol (appraise 100gp), 7pp, and 5gp.


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