Order of the Red Band


Copy from Yorastor's wiki notes:

01/06/16 – Shadow Clock Tower, the Finale

Used x2 wand charges
Used x2 Cure Light Wounds
Used x4 channels
Cast Boiling Blood, Magic Missile, Infernal Healing x3
Used Pearl of Power, cast Enlarge Person

We moved to the top of the tower again but saw nothing at first. Noted magic presence, likely invisible and then a terrible demon appeared. After a few more rounds we found it was Xanesha. She was terrible to behold and worse to fight. She charmed Milo, petrified Dorin and nearly killed Kohra and Olivia. Intense healing efforts on the part of Yorastor and Urbites along with steady attacks by Olivia, Kohra, Dorin and Milo finally finished her off. It was a dramatic finish – Olivia stood up, knocked an arrow and shot the falling Xanesha in the back, finishing her.


Copy from Yorastor's wiki notes

12/30/15 – Shadow Clock Tower, to the Belfry!

Time on the clock is 0300. We encounter Olivia.

We enter tower, which is terribly rickety. After sometime first scouting the building an enormous flesh golem springs from the garbage behind a wagon. It’s a short but brutal fight as we finish him. He fled the building and we gave chase. After Milo finishes him, we noticed three Tower Girls gang members watching from the Irespan.

We then had a running fight up to the belfry, with a single bell being dropped on Urbites and Dorin doing massive damage to Urbites. Urbites, Dorin and Yorastor make it to the belfry and rid it of three faceless stalkers. It’s a hard fight for the casters – they take significant damage.

(spells used: web x1, burning arc x1, sound burst x2, channel x2, wand charges x3)
Into the Seven's Sawmill

Yorastor approached the manor with some trepidation. He didn’t like being away from the Band. He’s vision from Nethys meant something terrible would befall them if he did not save the man in Underbridge and if he was separated from the group for more than a day. His growing ego thought they would need his diplomatic and magical might in the city. While they party was plenty strong on combat and dealing with threats of the blade, threats of the mind and voice were less sure without him.

Nonetheless, his power-playing and side dealing with the Mayor left him drained. While the Band knew nothing of his machinations they would soon enough. He did it for the betterment of the Band and the city of Sandpoint. It was time the city rise up, throw off its shackles and stand as a true, free city. He would make it so.

He rapped on the door to the manor and awaited a familiar face…

…the sharing of information lead the Band to the Seven’s Sawmill. They observed the situation for some time but in the end Yorastor remained as convinced as ever something was wrong with the building and its owners. Despite the everyday appearance it just didn’t line up. Several stories in height, it looked well maintained as a structure and perfectly at home in the industrial area that it sat. Like nearly all the buildings on the water, it had large wheels for harnessing the powerful flow of the river. A shift of workers approached and entered the building, seven in number, a fact Yorastor did not let slip his notice. Perhaps more workers were inside – one never knew. He was of the opinion they should talk their way inside and see if they could get to the hidden item listed in Aldern’s letter. The others generally agreed but they didn’t have a strong reason for showing up per se. They concocted a story about an order they’d placed for the Red Summit and seeing to matters personally. It was as good as they could hope for in short notice.

Entering the sawmill no one was in sight on the main level. The water wheel creaked and sounds of the men moving above, ropes moving and a general feeling of bustle dominated the mill above. Yorastor had a flashing premonition – things would not go to plan…


Heroes Welcome

The two months since the advent of the Red Band have brought several changes to town. Teams of builders have been moving huge amounts of building supplies out to Old Chopper’s Island, the site of the new Red Summit. Its first buildings were starting to show up on the island as a site of permanence in the town. The construction was bringing new laborers to town who were filling the inns and playhouses. The stables were full with mounts for messengers and foremen. Laborers within Sandpoint had plentiful work and it seemed like it would continue for at least half a year. Construction was scheduled to continue through the winter thereby promising stable work and food for many. Yorastor and the Order of the Red Band had made this all possible. Zenovia Wren oversees the day-to-day contracts relating to the building but she makes sure to let everyone know it’s for the benefit of and paid for by the Red Band. Most Sandpointers knew that their local legend, Yorastor Farden is the face and quiet majority owner of the order.

In other news, the death of Lonjiku Kaijitsu had left a seat on the counsel vacant. The counsel was established by the founding families of the free town seeking to escape the rule of Magnimar (and their high taxes). In the 40 years since Sandpoint’s establishment previous successions had followed hereditary lines. To this end Ameiko had been selected to join the counsel. However Ameiko was not enjoying the additional responsibilities that the title required. Wracked with mixed guilt and grief of the death of her difficult father she does not know how to proceed with the roles expected of her. Ameiko throws her energies into running the Rusty Dragon and entertaining all her patrons.

The town is in high spirits after the burials of the deceased farmers from the ghoulish plague. Another win for the Order of the Red Band. “Out there making the country side safe for all,” as one town crier proclaimed. Even the town guards welcome home the Banders as they return. Mikael reports to his sweet young girlfriend that some rumors had circled of doubts and questions if the band was still alive after 4 days of no word.

Pel Ortheis had been appointed as master of the guard in the band’s absence. He was hired on by Mayor Deverin in an official capacity to replace the previous head of the guard. Sheriff Hemlock backed the decision hailing his knowledge of fighting tactics from the wilds as a boon to the force. Sheriff Hemlock remains the over-all in charge but Pel runs the daily schedules and organizes training of the men. He brings many of his dwarven tactics of military discipline and is whipping the young new recruits into shape quickly.

The town is eager to learn what the band learned of the disappearances along the road. Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin asked for a report as soon as possible. Despite the recent successes of Thistletop and Foxglove Manor it seems fears from the goblin attack on the Swallowtail Festival still had people expecting the worst at every moment.

Townsfolk made a point to come out of their house and see the band returning home. Cries of kids rang shrill and happy as they waved and ran around their parents. Young boys and girls declared they would grow up to join the Band one day. Older siblings stood by scolding them while planning how they might escape the fate of following in their parents footsteps to have a life of adventure with the Order of the Red Band.

Turch Sterglus (fishmonger at Valdemar Fishmarket) asked Kohra if she would be performing a new dance or sharing a story of their recent heroic adventures with them tonight.

Sir Jasper Korvask ( Mercantile League) walked with Yorastor for a hundred yards talking and nodding. He seemed pleased with their discussion. Something about respectable people in town…understanding of the way things need to be.

Gaven Deverin ( Two Knight Brewery) issued a public invite to the band that they were invited to a special beer release later tonight. “A special one of particularly nice fall varietals.”

Ilsoari Gandethus ( Turandarok Academy) welcomed Lady Kohra home and had a handful of happy waiving girls with him. “Doing quite well now, all thanks to your generosity, M’ Lady.” He proclaimed. “We’ve even taken in three new young ones since your last visit.

Kohra's Journey 5

“You will learn to love me, desire me in time as she did. Give yourself to the Pack and it shall all end.”

The bloody note loomed in her vision its dark red letters dripping down the page trailing effluvia. Kohra was unable to run as it drew closer, the page itself peeling away as if from the body of a corpse….
She was in the lumber mill the scene before her gruesome. She heard a retching from behind her, the town guard that had accompanied them was unable to maintain her breakfast once she saw the horrors on the other side of the door. Body parts were strewn around the mill, blood covered the floor and walls in some macabre semblance of white-wash, a nearly complete corpse of a woman was strapped to the giant saw used to split whole trees, its intact skin laying on the ground nearby. A bloody Sihedron was carved into the ceiling, blood dripping from the wood as though it were cloven flesh….

“He said that if you came to his Misgivings, that if you joined his Pack, he would end his harvest in your honor.”

The disgusting corpse before her said, its voice gurgling around a large gash in its throat. The puss seeping wound was clearly a bite, the torn edges blackened and smoked while, under the skin, writhing tendrils of black and poisoned magic crawled through his veins. As the corpse shambled toward her, she reached for Smoke to defend herself, but its scabbard was empty. With no means of defending herself, she ran. The passageways of the Sanatorium were twisted and confusing. As she ran blood began to seep from the mortar holding the bricks in place. Abruptly the hallway ended. She turned to find another hallway branch and the corpse was there. Its cold blood-slicked talon reaching for her. In desperation, she wove the strands of fates music…..and sang. The Shards of Fate crashed into the corpse shredding the flesh from its body, revealing a dark diseased skeleton beneath. The Disease kept coming, its hand reaching for her throat to cut the music from her…..

“Take the fever into you, my love-it shall be but the first of my gifts to you.”

Another bloody note, like the first, blood and effluvia dripping from the pen strokes. Aldern was there, or what had once been the handsome Lord Foxglove. He reached for her, Lust driving his obsession even in undeath. Kohra turned and fled through the twisted and dark passageways of Foxglove manor. Along the walls was lubricious painting after painting of her, each one more depraved than the last. As she ran she could hear the creature-that-was-Aldern crashing behind her, it whispered in her head and told her of its disgusting and salacious plans. The house itself fought her at every turn, its Shadows grasping at her ankles and cloak as she fled.

She crashed through the front door of the manor house into the darkness beyond and stopped short. There was nothing there. Only blackness loomed around her, the path she remembered taking into the house was nonexistent, and the ground she stood on ended in a cliff leading down into darkness. The manor was no longer in Golarion, but instead floated as an island in a sea of Black. She turned to see Aldern crawling through the front door toward her, behind him loomed a darkness deeper than the surrounding shadows. It watched her with malicious curiosity….

With a muted scream through clenched teeth, Kohra awoke. Her shift soaked with sweat she was clenching the sheets in a death grip. For several drips of the water clock she laid staring at the ceiling, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Beside her she felt Mikel stir. She turned her head and found her lover writhing in his own nightmare. She knew better than to wake him when he was in this state. Her eyes were drawn to his Dark Glaive looming in the corner of the room. It seemed to pulse with a dark intent. How she hated that thing, but Mikel swore he needed it and could control it.

Carefully smoothing Mikel’s hair from his face she got out of bed, washed, and began preparing her equipment. It was Toilday and the Band had plans to investigate the disappearances of a few fisherfolk around the Cormorants. Herald said it was harpy territory, at least they wouldn’t have to deal with any sea-bourne creatures like the bunyip or helmet-clad hermit crab this time…….

Runt Cormorant4
The Treasure Key

Journal of Lissi Taratosa, Sandpoint, Fireday 16 Neth.

I am now recovering from the long cold swim back to town. I accompanied Kohra who said she could find a boat. She apparently carries some kind of weight in town and was able to immediately hire a boat and captain to go pick up the rest of her companions of the Red Band out on Runt Cormorant. Her simple promises were enough. Very impressive. Writing now from the warmth of a small room and its fire makes me forget that it is so late in the year with winter approaching. The events of the last five days will leave scars on my body and mind….

Having this new group of adventurers stumble onto the island when they did was the gods work. There certainly was a reason they had been sent. Perhaps it was to talk the goblins out of eating me or perhaps it was to help them kill enough of the sea devils to earn favor and win these new magic items. Either way, I was in over my head with them. Some simple misunderstanding can so easily derail the whole quest.

I had been in that cage for nearly a day when Yorastor and his band came along. Yorastor is a very unique man. Older than most ‘men’ I’ve encountered, he is wise with the experience that only time can grant. He had taken an active role immediately in the discussions about what was going on and how to set her free. He even accurately identified her lineage without much trouble. Of course it helped that she was stripped to her under-dress and the swirling blue tattoo-like birthmarks were clearly visible slowly moving on her body. She could control their appearances and prevent them from showing on her face and hands. But the closer to her torso the harder it was to control. And she had never learned how to completely subdue them. But he was wizened more than most she knew.

The last three days with the band had proved pretty dangerous. Ii came out to the Cormorants in order to hunt and kill a harpy but other creatures infested the island. My plan was to swim ashore and begin tracking them. I swam ashore hiding from areal scouting but then was captured by fishergoblins. After some aggressive negotiations they came around to see me as an ally instead of an enemy. (In truth she owed Yorastor for that boon). That first night in a cage was not very dignifying. However in the three days since I met the Banders I’ve nearly died three times. Thankfully Yorastor is a mighty healer with his use of infernal energies from the abyss.

I’ve been a loaner most of my life. Ever since my slower aging caused my first real friend to quickly out age me. We were friends from adolescence. Both started chasing boys at the same age. Then while I was still full of spirit she decided to settle down and have a family. I kept in touch with her year to year at first. Saw her young ones grow up. But then as she reached middle age and her children moved out to have families of their own I didn’t feel that I fit in any more. My visits had lessened over the years to where I didn’t know she had died for three years. I find that casual acquaintances work better for me. Perhaps I just don’t want to see another friend die again. But this party has a spirit about them. They don’t seem to have a care for their own mortality which makes it easy for me to think I won’t outlive them. They are crazy.

Their actions produce results. This ring found in the box is most interesting. A beautiful nautical motif of such delicate design. It fits perfectly on my delicate hand. So many human items often feel weighty and bulky on my wispy body with dijnn blood of my father. However this feels like it was made for me. What gifts the magic bestows I will have to discover. Kohra has discovered her armor grants underwater maneuverability and water breathing. I’ll begin testing the magic soon. I feel tendrils of it reaching out to my mind and asking me to go to the water. It must be related.

Discovering the answer to key and box was not very pleasant. The goblins had handed over a “key” that was entrusted to them by a wizard who had shipwrecked on the island before anyone could remember. The wizard had had a notebook with him but the goblins had long ago used it as fire starter. Not knowing what to do with the key themselves they bartered with the Banders to kill their mortal enemies, the Sahaugin, in exchange for taking them to the hiding place of a great treasure and giving them the key. I tagged along to see if this venture helped lead me to the harpies. The goblin chief had told me I was on the wrong island and I would need the help of the Banders’ boat to get to the next island. The Banders were here to stop disappearances of travelers on the road and suspected the harpies of the disturbances. It seemed our missions aligned.

That first night was a fight to remember. Twelve Sahaugin lay dead by two hours after midnight. Thinking we had killed most of their raiding party we withdrew to the village for the rest of the night. The Sahaugin attacked with thirteen more of their reserves. That was the first time I nearly died. We were victorious in the end with the help of the goblins. We then rested for a day and a half after which we received the key.

Knucklebone_of_Fickle_Fortune.pngThe key was the cause of my near death twice more. It was a unique looking device. A perfect sphere. Kohra took it in her hand and then without explanation rolled it like one would when casting lots in a game of dice. To our collective astonishment the sphere became suspended in the air about eye level. Some kind of aura emerged from the sphere looking like dust motes and settled on Kohra. She immediately suffered a negative reaction. After Kohra’s adverse reaction to the roll (she became immobilized) we decided not to roll it for a while longer. The banders seemed to be dead set on continuing to roll it as the method to unlocking the final treasure. But we hadn’t even found the treasure. So we dragged Kohra’s unmoving body with us out of the goblin town. The Kijimuna had begun to believe we might be cursed after the adverse effects of the sphere, key, thing.

Fast forward a half day and we had hauled an immobilized Kohra with us to the sea shore where a smallish-ship lay half buried in the surf and sand. The wreck did seem quite old. I jumped down into the hold through a hole in the side of the wreck and was immediately set upon by an enormous crab who had claimed the place as his lair. My vision had failed to reveal him hiding below the water of within the hold. It was a close call with the crab. I nearly died again. But with the help of Dorin, Milo, and Yorastor we were able to fell it. Yorastor cast the killing blow. He is really quite something.

After that battle we recovered the true treasure and the rolling began anew. Kohra finally woke up and at some point we spent another night out there. My memory is clouded by pain and various magical affects from that dammed sphere key. Kohra took her turn with rolling again and became immobilized once again. I know I did not support the careless medeling of such a magical weapon that we did not understand. However after Yorastor rolled the sphere for his 10th time he inserted it into the keyhole a final time and it opened. Inside the box held magical items for each of us. With our names on them as if it had been waiting for us to open the box for all those years.

I will have to investigate this item and see what its purpose is and how it works. Perhaps there is someone in Sandpoint or back in Magnimar who can divine its secrets.

The members of the Red Band were friendly enough to extend me accommodations in their newly built quarters. The construction seems to be sound and it will be a veritable keep when finished. I will spend a few days (weeks?) here re-evaluating my sense of purpose while recovering. A most interesting Ms. Zenovia Wren has offered to let me keep the room as long as I work for it. I am not sure exactly what she has in mind but she seems to think it is very important. We will see how long that lasts. I suspect I will bore of the cleaning and birthing that are my only talents outside of my bow arm.

Runt Cormorant3
The Massive Attack

The first wave of Sahuagin attacked shortly after midnight. The second wave attacked at nearly 2am. Lissi had suggested after the first attack that they pull the Sahuagin bodies up to the center of a flat space on top of the cliffs and wait for the Sahuagin to come and claim their dead. Kohra had suggested they might want to reclaim them for burial reasons. Lissi privately rejoiced that they followed her direction and a security perimeter was established with those who could see in the dark outside the line of the torches while those with human vision centering on the middle.

Sahaugin_by_VegasMike.jpgA large number of Sahuagin attacked from the north and west and attacked from beyond the line of sight with crossbows. Varg was the first to get hit. His loud yelp alerted the rest of the party to the presence of enemy. Dorin fell during the course of aggressive negotiations despite Yorastor’s best intents. Lissi loosed two arrows from 75 feet and felled the first Sahuagin. Another fell by Kohra’s hand and a third fell by Milo. The forth was taken out during the heat of battle when three people attacked. Milo and Dorin both claim the kill.

By the end of the battle there were 13 dead Sahuagin and Dorin had been healed by Yorastor. The lengthy debate followed about what to do with the dead 13 Sahuagin. In the end Kohra persuaded us to cutting off the heads and returning them to the Kijimuna. We returned to the Kijimuna village with 13 Sahuagin heads.

After returning, Milo volunteers to watch while the rest sleep. On his third hour of guard he hears a shout of the Kijimuna scout who emerges with a crossbow bolt in his side. The rest of us awaken and begin to fight. It seemed from the noise that at least 11 enemy fire at us from the woodline pining us down. Milo moves north and attacks and kills one. Dorin moves west to engage an enemy and Lissi drops one to his north

At this point the Kijimuna joined the fight and all hell broke loose. Eight Sahaugin remained against 5 heroes and 9 Kijimuna.

Runt Cormorant 2
Lissi's Perspective

Notes 19 Aug 15, 2130

Lissi dropped off 500 yards off north shore of Runt Cormorant. Swam to shore and was immediately taken captive by a hoard of angry goblins. Their pikes and nets poked and netted her until resistance was futile. Nonetheless, Lissi resisted until the last. Using her dagger she attempted to cut herself free. She stabs at a few of the goblins and is eventually subdued by a blow to the back of the head.

Lissi comes to staked to the ground in a sitting position on the edge of some sort of patrol base of the Kijimuna. The Kijimuna did not want to talk to her after the slight tousle. After nearly a day the goblins bring another group of four to the camp in bonds. This sparks a relatively lively discourse in common and is much more intelligible than the previous discussions amongst themselves.

The newcomers asked about Lissi’s conditions and she fires off with a firery retort against their attack. She lists her brutal attack and being knocked out. The newcomers do not seem to believe her when she tells of her reasons for being on the island in search of the harpies.

Lissi keeps her ears open and her mouth shut, more out of habit than desire. The chieftain of the tribe lists many enemies to their tribe. He asks the newcomers to go after the Sahaugin clan of aquatic creatures. He seems to want to force the newcomers to go to war with the Sahaugin to save the tribe’s life.

Some Shoanti woman says he is the hero of the Red Band and his party is here to investigate disappearances of sailors and fisherman.

Lissi decides to ally with the party in order to make it safely off the island. The threat of Sahaugin in the water and their warrior mentality seemed like more than she was willing to take on at one time. The chieftan’s quest to beat the Sahaugin back seemed like the best bet at this time. After nearly an hour of negotiations the party agreed to take Lissi on and let her scout from the front. They don’t seem to trust her at all.

Lissi suggested that the party hide on top of the cliffs and watch the beach in hopes of discovering the Sahaugin when they emerge from the water after sunset. The party follows her advice and she takes momentary pleasure in their following her directions. Dorin Jal identifies four Sahaugin have been in the area and we hide to keep watch. The party takes time to scout the area and finds a disputed harpy/other feather on the ground. It is clear that the area was the site of a recent fight between at least one humanoid type and something else. After a few moments of debate it is agreed that this is a harpy feather from the lower belly region.

After waiting all afternoon and three hours after dark three Sahaugin emerged from the sea. Lissi is the first to retaliate after Dorin takes two attacks.

We got into contact with 6 Sahaugin and then Yorastor waved some hands and did something to five of them. Meanwile I concentrated fire on the one who was trying to out flank us. Kohra runs in all willy nilly and then blasted four of the sahaugin. She also did damage to Milo, her companion, but he didn’t seem to notice. After that, I dropped the one trying to flank us and immediately turned and scored a hit on one on the beach below my spot on the cliffs. Dorin followed up with a few shots and one retreated into the surf. Yorastor dropped the third one and two remained. Kohra attacked next. She ran into the fray and killed the fourth of five remaining Sahaugin. The sole remaining Sahaugin was mortally wounded and stunned. Dorin’s beast, Varg visciously attacked him and tore out his throat in a spout of blood and gore. The body count was five on the beach at the end of the evening.

Each of the five Sahaugin carried a heavy crossbow with 10 bolts and one trident. No other items of value or wealth. One escaped into the water but five died valiantly in battle. We withdrew back to the Kijimuna camp and rested for the night.

Lissi was not sure what to make of the hero group. Kohra, the shoanti half-blood seemed to be half the face of the company. The other face was the thurge, Yorastor. Lissi had looked to Kohra during the previous day to see how the party interacted with the sole female in the group. They seemed to accept her for her competence and not based on her sexual role or her prettiness. That boded well for Lissi. The group had accepted some of Lissi’s points when she mentioned them. That was a bonus and hopefully meant they would accept her if she traveled with them for a time.

Foxglove Manor Conclusion

After the fight with Aldern’s multiple-split personality you all took caution to destroy the mutated fungus that is the remains of Voral Foxglove after his failed attempt to become a lich. After repeated attempts to burn it you were able to eliminate most of the spores. Yorastor is able to determine that the necromantic auras have diminished but are not completely destroyed. As you continue your search through the upper levels of the house he postulates aloud about the implications of the entire house being turned into the phylactery in Voral’s attempt to become a lich.

The house is in a terrible state of decay. Venturing through the rooms is a dangerous task as missing floor boards make falling through the floor a serious possibility. Alternatively, rotting ceiling joists mean the above floor might bury you under a heap of decay at any moment. Careful going allows you to navigate the house and Yorastor assures you that the magical energies that fueled the haunting have decreased after the burning of the fungus in the caves. This makes clearing the house of valuables a rather mundane task. The residual necromantic energies are the only thing holding the house together.

After disrupting the hauntings by destroying the dangerous fungus you encounter no more negative energies manifest for the day. Searching the house reveals only the dangerous inherent with a crumbling shamble.

Foxglove Mannor 3

On the main floor you find a strange spiral stain in the middle of the entry hall. The sound of the house straining and creaking gives this long, high-ceilinged room an additional sense of age and decay. The place smells damp, the unpleasant tinge of mold lacing the air ,as surely as it stains the wooden floor, walls, and furniture in pallid patches. Moldering trophies hang on the wall to the northeast: a boar, a bear, a firepelt cougar, and a stag, yet they pale in comparison to the monster on display in the center of the room. Here crouches a twelve-foot-long creature with the body of a lion, a scorpion’s tail fitted with dozens of razor barbs, huge batlike wings, and a deformed humanoid face.

A little way into the main hall you see a rather gruesome antique-what appears to be a mummified monkey head-hangs on the northern wall here, its tiny mouth gaping. A bellpull extends from the monkey’s gaping mouth. A ratty throw rug partially obscures a foul stain of dark-colored mold on the floor.You approximate it is directly above the excavated stairway to the caves that predated construction of the house. [[The monkey head is actually a minor wondrous item called a “hunnry decapitant”. When the attached rope is pulled, the head gives out a shrill simian shriek akin to an alarm spell. The strange curio might have been used to signal the start of dinner. It can be removed from the wall easily, and continues to function thereafter. It’s worth 500gp.]]

After passing the stain you enter the dining room. A mahogany table surrounded by chairs sits in this room. Twin fireplaces loom to the west, while to the east, [b]stained-glass windows[/b] obscure what could have been a breathtaking view of the Lost Coast. Each window depicts a monster rising out of smoke pouring from a seven-sided box. From north to south are depicted a gnarled tree with an enraged face, an immense hook-beaked bird with sky-blue and gold plumage, a winged centaurlike creature with a lion’s lower body and a snarling woman’s upper torso, and a deep blue squidlike creature with evil red eyes.

Yorastor (I presume he passes a knowledge architecture or engineering 15) recognizes this was an unusual design choice to fit the rooms with the best view of the Lost Coast with windows one cannot see through. This must speak to their importance. As Yorastor studies the seven sided box he reads the runes as related to necromancy and the windows depict the monsters being drawn into the box, not emerging from it. Closer studies of the expressions on the monsters’ faces show fear, not rage.

Diseased_Rat.JPGDorin Jal ducked into the adjacent washroom with an ancient metal washtub stands to the north, a ring of mildew crusting its inner surface. A strange, furtive scratching come from inside the tub. Cautiously he poked his head over the rim of the tub and let lose an arrow that skewered the diseased rat neatly. No one wanted to risk cooking and eating it.

From there the banders ascend the stairs to the second level. Looking through Aldern’s bedroom reveals nothing of note. The musicians’ gallery, however has more of the stained glass windows. This large room features two padded chairs and a long couch facing a wide alcove lined with stained-glass windows. These windows depict a diverse array of animals and plants—from north to south are a large pale and ghostly scorpion, a gaunt man holding out his arms as a dozen bats hang from him, a moth with a strange skull-like pattern on its wings, a tangle of dull green plants with bellshaped flowers, and a young maiden sitting astride a well in a forest while a spindly spider the size of a dog descends along a string of webbing above her.

Yorastor admits necromancy is not his forte but that scorpion venom, vampire’s breath, the tongues of deathwing moths, belladonna, and the heart of a maiden slain by poison are classic necromancy spell components. He muses to himself and studies the windows for a few moments before stating that he believed these particular components are used in several known lich apotheosis formulae.

Off the gallery the heroes find a bedchamber caked with a thick, spongy layer of dark green, blue, and black mold. Two bodies have decomposed and provided a fertile breeding ground. It is impossible to identify the bodies. However from the sizes you deduce one most likely was a child.

index.jpgFrom there the banders find the master bedroom. This once fine chamber has been destroyed. The bed is smashed, mattress torn apart, walls gouged as if by knives, chairs hacked apart, and paintings on the walls torn to pieces-with one exception. A portrait hanging on the northwest wall seems to be untouched, although it hangs backward, its unseen subject facing the wall. When turned around you see a portrait of a beautiful dark-haried Varisian woman in a thoughtful pose.

Leaving the bedroom you see one more locked door. Kohra pulls out her tools and goes to work. With a click the lock turns and a stairwell opens behind the door. The third floor gallery rests at the top of the stairs. A stone fireplace sits in the northwestern portion of this chamber. Paintings hang on the walls to the north and south, each covered over with a thick sheet of dusty cobwebs that obscures its subject from view.

Wiping away the dusty cobwebs over the paintings reveals portraits of the previous tenants of Foxglove Manor. The three to the north depict Vorel and Kasanda Foxglove and their daughter Lorey. Vorel is a tall, middleaged man with long dark hair, a clean-shaven face, and dark blue noble’s clothes , while Kasanda is a s,tern-faced brunette woman with wisps of gray in her short hair and a flowing blue dress. The five to the south show Traver and Cyralie Foxglove, their son Aldern, and their two daughters Sendeli and Zeeva. Traver, like Vorel, is tall and thin, but with an even narrower face and a thin mustache. Cyralie is a young woman with long red hair and an impish smile. Each painting bears a plaque that identifies those pictured within.

::More to come::


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