Order of the Red Band

Character Development

Greetings and well met. Thanks for joining me for the next iteration of our Pathfinder RPG. I anticipate a whole lot of excitement. We will be running the Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition adventure path from Paizo. I encourage you all not to read any of the extreme abundance of information on this path in order to keep it more of a surprise for you and heighten the enjoyment. I will aim to give you all the information that is out there in a time when your characters would discover it. I am reading and cross-referencing many of the books and websites out there pulling in the best practices from many DMs. If you have read it previously then just try to keep the in-character metagaming to a minimum.

The year is 4707 (Going back seven years in time to the start of the adventure path). Much of the information in Pathfinder books available now are based on information that is discovered during this adventure. So your characters would not know much information on Thassilon and the Runelords even if it is in the books or other websites. Feel free to use the timeline taken from the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting guidebook page 200. Again, you may not know all of that but that is what is going on in the world.

Your characters should be from Varisia and in the town of Sandpoint at the start of the adventure. If you want to be from a bigger city perhaps you are operating under the promise to join the Aspis Consortium’s agents “once you prove yourself a little” and have gone out to join the fledgling Order of the Red Band in Sandpoint to seek some renown. If not the Aspis Consortium or the Pathfinder Society then perhaps you have an in with Luma Derexhi (the illegitimate daughter of Randred Derexhi) who runs the network of spies and adventurers who serve the Derexhi family? (both in the larger city of Magnimar 50 miles southwest of Sandpoint) Maybe she told you to go prove yourself and bring her back something of value to earn a job with them. Or feel free to make up your own reasons for being in Sandpoint during the dedication of the new Cathedral. Maybe you are simply a devout follower of one of the six gods worshiped in the new space.

Reference the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide for a brief overview of Varisia, its people, and places. Free download here.

I encourage you to use Hero Labs for your character generation. 20-point buy for stats. Standard starting gold for your characters. Begin with max hit points for your class. You can use an upbringing feat and use generic traits or those from Varisia. If you want to be from somewhere far away we will have to talk and have a good story. If you want to be a more unique race I encourage you to try it out. People will judge you more on what you do, not how you look.

Post questions below or email me.


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