Order of the Red Band

Kohra's Journey 2
Kohra vents to Wren

As the beleaguered Order approached the Temple in the early morning’s light, Kohra slipped quietly away, into the shadows. She wasn’t sure if anyone noticed her stealthy departure and she really didn’t care. She was in pain, physically and soulfully.

As she approached Wren’s house, keeping to the shadows, Wren’s door opened wide, the warm glow of a fire beckoning from the threshold. _ “I’ll never get used to her knowing when I’m around.”_ Kohra thought to herself as she slipped quietly past Wren and into the welcoming comfort of her friend’s home.

Wren sat Kohra down and began peeling the ruined and bloody bandages from her friend.

“Tell me what happened on Chopper’s Island” Wren stated matter-of-factly. Her hand glowed a burnt umber, causing Kohra to gasp painfully.

“How did you know about that?” Kohra asked through clenched teeth.

Wren merely arched an eyebrow at her.

“Very well.” Kohra said, and began to relate the first adventure of the Order of the Red Band.

“After completing the unfortunate affair with Amele, we decided to investigate the odd sightings on the island. Ascending the heights was easy enough, though I would have been quicker were it not for the lummoxes trying to ascend after me. I’m sure they would have been able to climb faster if they had kept their minds out of their trousers though.”

Wren smiled wryly at this.

“Once the climb was over, Yorastor showed us several points of interest that led Dorin to surmise that this may have been the hideout of the Sandpoint Devil. As we moved toward a decrepit hut, I was overcome by a sense of dread.”

Wren glanced up at her friend with concern, her hands leaving fresh skin as they passed over Kohra’s wounds.

“I pulled the warpriest, Blackheart…”

“What an odd name…quite cumbersome…I think I’ll just call him Bart…much easier. What do you think?” Kohra trailed off.

This brought a satisfying laugh from Wren.

“I pulled him aside and told him the barest amount regarding my affliction, that positive energy could harm me. I told him this reluctantly and in confidence, a confidence he soon betrayed. As we approached a hole in the interior of the hovel, the floor gave way, sending Dorin and I plummeting thirty feet to the ground. When I awoke, I was bound, hand and foot, the Order glaring at me filled with fear and mistrust, Wren. Bart had wasted no time informing them of my condition. They were all postured most threateningly, except for the dwarf. Pel looked as if he had swallowed a handful of rotworms, all puffy, and was feeling most distressed about it. He was rather comical actually.”

Wren chuckled slightly at this vision, the glow from her hands shifting to a dark, almost bruise colored, purple. The spells she was weaving caused Kohra great pain, but her wounds slowly knitted together.

“I was most distressed by Yorastor. Wren, you assured me I would be able to trust him.”

“And you can.” She replied serenely. “But he won’t be able to fully trust you until you let him in.”

“I don’t know, perhaps I can. Perhaps I’ll visit his store this evening.”

Kohra’s demeanor shifted from reflection to anger in flash.

“They believed I was undead, Wren! I, a Bellator of the Occasionum Iudex! Undead?!?! Those who slip through the Weave?!? Disgusting!” spat Kohra.

“So many have before, Kohra, why does it surprise you that these men do?”

“I expected more from them.”


“Because of your Vision!”

Wren peered quizzically at Kohra and assumed her ‘big sister’ posture. Kohra grimaced, knowing there was lecture coming.

“The vision doesn’t give them a preternatural sense about the world, Kohra. You of all people should know this. A vision didn’t let your Iudex stop your family’s murder and won’t give your companions the ability to see what you refuse to show them.” Wrens voice was soft, as always, but the underlying steel in her tone left no question about her disappointment.

Kohra hung her head, shamed. “Of course. You’re right. But it is not yet the time to reveal everything.” she sighed.

Wren swept her blonde hair out of her face with frustration. She had made progress, both with her friend’s wounds and getting her friend to open up to the Order. But she could tell when her Kohra would budge no further. Wren would have to trust that Kohra would at least confide in Yorastor.

Kohra didn’t remember falling asleep, but when she awoke in her friend’s home she felt more refreshed than she had in some time. A slight twinge of pain brought her eyes to her left arm. There she found an intricate silvery infernal tattoo. “What in the world is this, Wren?” She thought to herself. As she rose to dress herself, Kohra found a small note from Wren beside three potions. Not only did the note explain the tattoo and the potions, it also informed her that the Blacksmith wished to reward each member of the Order for finding his son’s body. _ “I hear Das is quite the metal worker. Perhaps something good can come of last night’s debacle.”_ With that, Kohra dressed and left her friend’s house. The Order of the Red Band had taken precedence in her thoughts. The Occasionum Iudex would survive without her for a time. After all, what was she to them except another Judge, another Bellator Iudex?

The blades laid out before her were exquisite, each one more fine than the previous, “You’ve done some amazing work here.” Kohra told Das.

Das Korvut beamed at this compliment from such a lovely young lady. Since the return of his son’s remains he had been so much more lucid. His mind was clear and a burden had been lifted from his soul. “Anyone one of ‘em is yers, miss.” he replied in his thick brogue. “It’s the least I kin do fer you and yours after bringin me Simon back ta mey. Now I kin bury him right proper.”

Kohra peered up at the barrel chested man, “You know this isn’t necessary? We did not do this for profit.”

“Aye.” He replied.

Kohra looked down at the blades once again. While none of them were overly ornate, they were weapons of war not ceremony, the plainest of them seemed to call to her. The blade had an almost smoky coloring, caused, Das told her, by an anomaly in the steel during its forging. The pommel held a single small ‘bur’ that would point out from her hand when held, and the grip was wrapped in exquisite yet subdued silver and grey silken threads. As she lifted the blade from the counter it felt as though it sang.
“This one Master Das. I’ll take this one.”

The blacksmith looked surprised at her choice. “Are ya sure miss? Tha’s an ugly blade, a fine blade, but ugly none the less.”

Kohra smiled wickedly at Das, “I’m positive good sir.” She glanced again at the new weapon she held, “Smoke.” she whispered.

Local Heroes 3

By morning the news had spread like wildfire across the savannah. The Sandpoint Heroes had cleared out the haunting demons on Chopper’s Island. Aldern Foxglove sent word to the party that he understood they would need to recuperate and should not worry that he would feel put off by them taking a day to do that. He was in town another day and would take them on the hunt the following day ( Day 5) before he returned to Magnimar.

Kohra had sought out Wren immediately upon returning to town and spent the night in Wren’s bed with her looking after her wounds. Zenovia was skilled and thoughtful. She saw fate as placing her at the crossroads of the future Order of the Red Band, their caretaker of sorts. Using an old wand of Infernal Healing to cure Kohra she put the younger girl to sleep. Even after all the years apart Zenovia still felt responsible for Kohra. She had been at the orphanage when Kohra arrived in Sandpoint following the attack and kidnapping of Kohra’s brother. They had bonded and Zenovia took her under her wing. Strange how fate wove them back together. While Kohra slept with magical aid Zenovia worked her craft on her friend. She placed a tattoo on her left upper arm of intricate and beautiful designs. Lines of fate as Zenovia’s visions showed her. The plans fate held for Kohra. This tattoo was a last resort to save her friend’s life at some future time. The magic she imbued into the tattoo channeled negative energy that would heal her cursed friend. A tattoo of inflict light wounds. She also left out a potion of inflict light wounds and two of infernal healing. The latter were a more reliable method of healing but were better not used when seconds meant the difference between life and death.

Yorastor did not sleep when he returned home. He went straight to the scriptorium and began deciphering the magical markings on the vellum he had found in the halls below Stoot’s house. After successfully transcribing the spell into his own spellbook Yorastor went to bed a very happy man with a new plan. The next morning he went straight away to the Sandpoint Mercantile League where he sat down with Sir Jasper Korvaski and discussed the future of the land known as Chopper’s Island. As Yorastor saw it the land was a burden to them at this point. He knew that they had tried, unsuccessfully, to sell it in the past. Through his charm and knowledge of local going’s on Yorastor was able to convince Sir Jasper that deeding the island to him was in the best interest of town and the League. Promises of building on the land meant property taxes to the guild and also ensured no evil would rise there again. Sir Jasper struck the deal with Yorastor at 10 minutes to 10 on Wealday 26 Rova 4107.

Zenovia did not take long to see the fates in written in the flights of sparrows outside her house. Yorastor was proving to make himself useful in the future of the Varisia. The order of the Red Band would one day spread across the country and beyond. It was starting here…now. A grand guildhall would soon stand on top of the isle north of town, no longer known as Chopper’s Island, but something grander. The Red Summit, perhaps. Both a reference to the island height and to the seat of power of the Band.

Taking her eyes from the sky Zenovia went to visit Blackheart, Pel, and Dorin. The cleric and others were staying in rooms above the Rusty Dragon. She told them her vision of the future for the Order of the Red Band. There were tough times ahead. She had glimpsed possible eventualities and every good outcome had versions of the five Sandpoint heroes.

“What I propose is a partnering of some degree. Your adventures will take you far and wide across Varisia. I will act as your agent here in Sandpoint and use my skills to try and prepare you for what you will face. I will procure items you require and heal you as best I can when you are injured. You will provide me with 10% of what you find in your adventures and with that I will build the guildhall as you all desire. Events are already underway that will lead to a great hall on top of what was once called Chopper’s Island. It will not be called that for long.” With that she squinted at the party members looking for their approval. She reached into her pocket and drew out a slender wand. Handing it to Blackheart she said, “This wand of cure light wounds will aid you in your upcoming battles. There are only 15 remaining charges on it. Use it well.”

Local Heroes 2
The Dead of Night

Day 3.

After Dorin’s retelling of his events with Shayliss he begged Yorastor into going to speak with Ven Vinder, the general store owner, on his behalf. A little reluctant to get himself too involved but liking the quality of person he saw in Dorin, and not discounting they were from the same home town, Yorastor agreed. He arrived at the general store mid-day and was greeted by a dour proprietor. Ven explained why he was down and attributed it to the rascal who he had discovered taking advantage of his daughter in a delicate state. Yorastor spoke on behalf of Dorin’s character and used the promise of a sizable order to help brighten Ven’s day. It seemed to work and Yorastor left with the promise that Ven would not go around town speaking ill of Dorin…But he better not see them together again.

After the evening meal, as the party was lounging in the Rusty Dragon for the third night a woman entered the tavern with a baby in her arms and a toddler in tow. She begged the help of the heroes to kill a goblin living in the child’s closet. The heroes entered the house and found an unmoving body of Alergast Barett crawled into the floorboards of the closet. As he reached in to pull out the goblin the starving goblin who had lived in their floorboards for three days lashed out in a violent last ditch effort and cut the man’s throat with the broken remnants of his dogslicer. Alergast died in the hole and the goblin tried to pull him in for a meal. Alergast did not fit and became subsequently stuck as the goblin pulled him in. Dorin pulled the dean man out of the hole and Pel dispatched the goblin in one swing. Sheriff Hemlock arrived on the scene as Yorastor was holding the children and Dorin was delivering the bad news of her husband’s demise. Sheriff Hemlock took charge of the situation directing to have Amele and the children stay at the Cathedral until word could reach her sister in Magnimar and she arrive to take Amele, Aeren, and baby Verah to live with her.

After concluding the business with Sheriff Hemlock and Mrs. Barett the heroes decided to explore Chopper’s Island, the rumored haunted abode of the serial killer who claimed the lives of 25 Sandpoint citizens before ending in his own death and the burning of his house by the city guard. Heading north they descended Junker’s Edge and crossed the tidal area connecting the tiny island to Sandpoint. The night was growing late and most of the town was asleep with it past 10 in the evening. Creating a magical light source the five climbed the 180 foot cliff with ropes. A city guardsman was alarmed to see spectral lights ascending the cliff-face of the haunted island and alerted the watch.

The heroes explored the top of Chopper’s Island with Yorastor pointing out areas of interest to the group. Dorin followed several interesting tracks to the edge of the cliff and identified them as belong to the Sandpoint Devil, a horrible beast that plagues the region and appears on foggy nights to claim his victims. The tracks seemed to be about a month old. Returning to the ruined house the party set loose a debris fall and Kohra and Dorin fell 30 feet down the spiraling stairs to the bottom. Kohra was knocked unconscious by the fall and Dorin was staggered and badly beaten.

Patching up Dorin was the easy part. Questions arose about Kohra when Blackheart mentioned, as a disclaimer, that he was going to cast inflict light wounds instead of cure light wounds. Kohra had told him before entering the house that that would heal her if she needed it. Blackheart was not sure so wanted the group to know that if she died it was not his intention. This resulted in a lengthy conversation about the nature of Kohra and if she was the kind of company the party would want to associate with and if they should heal her at all. In the end they bound her and cast the inflict damage spell. It did restore Kohra to a conscious but still bloodied state. She answered only some of the questions but would not divulge all her secrets to the group. Suffice it to say she convinced them that she was on their side.

The entrance room to the underground lair was dominated by a looming, man-shaped wooden statue, with legs and talons of a giant eagle, two sets of eagle wings, a twisted, gem-studded avian head, and a snake in place of genitals. Later Yorastor was able to discern this was the image of Pazuzu, the abyssal lord of flying creatures. A revived Kohra was struck by the quality of the gems the statue had for eyes.

A ghost of a boy appeared near a set of double doors on the southern end of the room. There was also a set heading north. The ghost did not speak or react. Yorastor approached him in a sign of peace and the ghost paced to the left and then back to the right before going through the closed doors.

After carefully opening the doors with magic, Pel was the first to descend a set of stairs. Half way down the 50 foot vertical shaft Pel began reacting violently to something no one else saw. Large red gashes appeared on his torso in the shape of wicked birds. He fell of the stairs and crashed to the bottom of the shaft barely maintaining consciousness. The air in the room beyond is stale and waifs the scent of mildew and rot in this dingy room. Tiny bone carvings of horrific winged creatures lay scattered about room. A moldy blanket in one corner indicates this room was once inhabited. Leathery papers lay scattered amidst the rubble and shards of bone.

Searching the empty room the party returned up the stairs and headed through the north double doors. Two human zombies were visible and the party arrayed to attack. Upon closing the distance it became clear that there were in fact five zombies milling around in the room and a lengthy fight took place with Yorastor felling the last one with his magic.

Believing that the danger was past the party then went to recover the remains of the boy from the lower level. No vision of Chopper attacked on the stairs nor at the bottom where his knife rest. When Dorin began to gather the bones of the boy his ghost revealed himself and began attacking the party. A quick fight took place where the ghost stole the voice from Dorin and left him unable to utter a sound. After dispatching the ghost the party was able to gather the remains in a blanket and carry it out of the halls.

The alerted town guard had posted centuries along Junker’s Edge searching for the mysterious lights on Chopper’s Island. They watched with great alarm as the light reappeared on the island and began approaching the southern edge toward town. Sheriff Hemlock told his men to keep a low profile and wait until they could engage the villains.

The five local heroes, battered and bruised, made very slow progress of descending the cliff from Choppre’s Island and then crossed a mostly dry beach. From above a voice cried for them to halt as they reached the beach below Junker’s Edge. “Identify yourselves, and what business do you have on Chopper’s Island?” Sheriff Hemlock demanded.

Yorastor was the first to reply identifying himself and his party. “Sheriff, It is Yorastor and the band from earlier this evening. We have just returned from the top of Chopper’s Island and have recovered the body of one of his victims, a young boy. We are bringing him for a proper burial.”

Ropes were lowered and the party helped up the cliffs. A town guard took the body from Pel and thanked him for bringing it back. “That is young Simon, Das Korvut’s son. We never did find his body. Take him to the Cathedral and wake Father Zantus. I will send word to Das. Perhaps this will settle the man’s mind…You all look a lot worse for wear than the last time I saw you. Go home and get some sleep. We will take it from here. You have done well good heroes of Sandpoint!”

Local Heroes

The goblin attack on Sandpoint the previous day and the successful counterattack by the guard and five others left little room for other chatter around town. Even Aldern Foxglove was praising their heroic deeds, especially the whirling blades of Kohra, a varisian dancer who could fell the goblins with a whip of her scarf. Other voices whispers of admiration rose when the members passed on the street. Alma Avertin, the baker from Sandpoint Savories, dropped a loaf of bread at Farden’s Emporium, into Yorastor’s hands with words about how he must be starving and can’t keep working if he is so skinny. The young ladies of town turn their heads and whisper when Dorin Jal walks by. His prowess with a bow or sword mean he could provide food and care for any woman he wants. And he has been out hunting goblins and keeping the city safe for years. Not much is known about the grey dwarf, Pel. But even he is hailed as a hero of Sandpoint and acknowledged with great appreciation when people see him. Several patrons of the Rusty Dragon last night bought rounds for the heroes and said toasts of appreciation and extolled their heroism.

That evening the five reluctant heroes gather to discuss any future endeavors. Kohra recounts a visit from Zenovia Wren, a seer in town and an old friend of Kohra’s who believes there is more happening in town than just a simple goblin attack. Wren shared that the five must play a role to save the future.

The conversation turned to exploring Chopper’s Island and discussed the history surrounding the death of its former resident.

Before journeying out to check it out Aldern Foxglove approached the table and extolled everyone for their heroic deed the previous day. He achieved a commitment to the boar hunt for two days later. (Day 4 game time). Happy in his plans to hunt with the party he beseeched Kohra to perform and he sat front and center for her performance.

Before the evening grew too late Sheriff Hemlock entered and approached the party. He confided that the town guard had lost a few people from the previous day’s attack and there was trouble reported from the graveyard behind the Cathedral. The caretaker had reported the crypt containing all the bodies of the previous priests was broken. He said that his guard were a bit superstitious about such things and would appreciate the help from the new town heroes.

The party agreed to help and left in twos and threes to avoid arousing major suspicion. Kohra changed into more appropriate gear than her performing dress and Sheriff Hemlock made his rounds at a few tables. As the party walked up the hill going north through the city Sheriff Hemlock asked them questions about where the out of towners were from and what their plans for staying in Sandpoint were. He confessed that having a group of heroes was good for the moral and safety of the town at a time like this.

The door to the crypt did lay bashed in and a mess of foot prints were discovered near the entrance. Examination revealed six goblins and one medium sized human (booted) had broken in and carried off the body of Father Tobyn, the previous priest who had died five years earlier in the church fire. The heroes fought two skeletons that had been left in the crypt.

Asked to keep it quiet Sheriff Hemlock thanked them for the help and bid them goodnight.

(Day 3) Taking breakfast in the Rusty Dragon near eight in the morning a young woman found Dorin. She fawned over him and begged his help in exterminating some rats in her family’s store basement. Dorin volunteered to help the young lady with her problem and marched off to help. She surprised him by being quite forward and pushing herself upon him with intent. Bare chested, and much to Dorin’s surprise her father stormed into the basement and discovered his daughter in a state of indecency with a man. Hoping to avoid a very dangerous misunderstanding Dorin ran for the stairs and left the store as quickly as possible. Returning to the Rusty Dragon he found Yorastor had joined the group and had to explain to everyone what had happened. It seemed he was the only one who hadn’t seen it coming. Yorastor mused that Ven Vinder (owner of the town’s general store) was very protective of his daughters and tended to hold grudges. He also commanded much respect from the rest of the town.

Dorin's Journal, I
Swallowtail Festival - Goblin Attack

I need to find a new fletcher.

Kohra's Journey 1

After her friend left that afternoon, Kohra thought long about the motely group who’s threads the Texiri Fati had woven together and began to journal the previous day’s events.

should have trusted my instincts and taken more to the fair than my scarf and dagger. I need not let the safety this town once offered me, lull me into complacency. The festival was nice and the church definitely more grand than the last one. I’ll miss climbing the steeple of the old one though, that always gave W. a fright! The goblins were, to say the least, unexpected! If I’d known W was still in town I would have rushed to her defense immediately. Her loss would be insurmountable, but I believe the Texiri is nowhere near finished with her pattern.

The initial goblin appearance into the commons, left the townsfolk running in confusion and fear into the new temple. As I moved to prevent the goblins from threatening the innocent, I noticed three others were standing with me. The very ones W was telling me about this afternoon. As I danced the Culling Weave, the dwarf, who I later learned is named Pel, charged immediately into the fray and savaged the goblins before him in support of my attacks. However, before Pel could complete his charge, the archer, Dorin, whose hubris I’m sure will be his undoing one day, impaled a goblin from afar. His skill with his bow is impressive and I’m sure he’ll be the first to tell a lady so. How droll. The third who stood with me, I initially took for a commoner fleeing the attack. But as the Dance led me to a new foe, I noticed Yoraster casting from a nearby roof top, distracting a goblin from joining its foul compatriots. He then leapt, quite nimbly, to the ground to support from a closer vantage. This first group of goblins fell quickly to our attacks and once they had fallen I finished cutting their blighted pattern out of the Weave. As I did, I noticed the others looking on in confusion. Their ignorance is understandable.

The second group of goblins fared no better than the first and served to prove the effectiveness of our impromptu band. I probably shouldn’t call our group impromptu, the pattern of the Texiri is set long before we can see it. After again finishing the will of Fate, I and my three new companions moved toward the town gates, where the sounds of fighting could still be heard.
This third group of goblins proved to be far more formidable. I was wounded badly when the leader of the raiding party singled me out for its not-so-tender ministrations. Some primordial sixth sense must have allowed it to look beyond the façade of the men around me and ascertain where its true threat lay. This recognition did it no good. It fell swiftly to the Flaying Thread. This group was also threatening a local noble. Although he was handsome enough, Lord Aldern Foxgrove proved to be a useless sniveling coward. I shall keep his attentions though, the amour of a lusting noble is always useful. Especially when the fruit they desire is always just out of their reach. Ultimately this final group fell to our onslaught. Lord Foxgrove is suitably thankful, especially after Yoraster and Pel saved his mutt. This attack is troubling, goblins don’t usually attack fortified towns even if the gate is open. They’re cowards unless something far stronger drives them. Also troubling was their demeanor, they were more wild and irrational than usual. There’s a mystery here and I believe the four of us have been inextricably woven into its pattern.

W, unequivocally, told me the shop owner, Yoraster is trust worthy. He is still an odd sort though, with a tinge of arrogance about him. Especially his comment about “Be glad I left you outside of the effects,” after his spell incapacitated three goblins at once. Pel and Dorin are, as yet, unknown commodities. W seems to think I should trust them though. Regardless, the Texiri Fati has woven our patterns together and I shall do my duty in service to it.

Yorastor Internal Dialogue, I

Yorastor was unsure what to make of the bloodied group that trudged through Sandpoint on the way to Father Zantus. He was checking in on his neighbors and fellow shopkeepers after helping to run off the goblin menace. He was deeply troubled by the open gate and no clear reason for it being so. He was highly intelligent man long used to solving difficult formulae and problems – he felt confident this too would yield to his abilities.

The two fighter-types were burly and effective in close quarters – just as you’d expect from seeing their weapons and physiques. The human one was quite skilled with the bow as well – having dropped several goblins with his highly accurate shooting. The other was clearly some sort of rager – at one point he seemed to swell before launching a crushing series of blows against the small foes.

The woman was highly attractive – for a human. Which made her not attractive at all to Yorastor. Nonetheless, her swaying hips belied a deadly grace and skill. She quickly transformed from swaying dancer to attacking fighter. Clearly mobility was her weapon. She also showed more than a little…vehemence in putting down the goblins. She ensured each was dead by brutal stabbing them again.

In all, his shop was safe and so was he. A good outcome to a run in with goblins.

Swallowtail Festival Reminder

Remember that tomorrow is the first day of fall and our annual Swallowtail Festival! As everyone knows we will be having a holuday with games for the kids and good food from our fine tavernkeepers of Sandpoint. Of course this year is also special because we can dedicate our brand new cathedral after 5 years of waiting!

Come one and all and bring your good cheer for Sandpoint takes a major step forward after all that unpleasantness 5 years ago.

See you tomorrow!

Mayor Deverin

Swallowtail Festival
The Rededication

You are in town for the Swallowtail Festival. It is the annual autumnal equinox and celebration of food and people. This year is a special year with the dedication of the new cathedral in town. The cathedral is recently finished rebuilding after the previous one burned five years ago. The new one is a much more grand building and continues the long tradition of venerating six of the gods. This celebration is a grand affair and has attracted people from all around the hinterlands. People have been talking about it for weeks and the generosity of the taverns of Sandpoint have a reputation to uphold on this occasion. They all cook their favored foods and feed the crowds. Perhaps you have come for the food or for respect of one of the gods worshiped. Whatever the reason you are one of nearly two hundred people packed into the square in front of the cathedral in time for the speeches.

Character Development

Greetings and well met. Thanks for joining me for the next iteration of our Pathfinder RPG. I anticipate a whole lot of excitement. We will be running the Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition adventure path from Paizo. I encourage you all not to read any of the extreme abundance of information on this path in order to keep it more of a surprise for you and heighten the enjoyment. I will aim to give you all the information that is out there in a time when your characters would discover it. I am reading and cross-referencing many of the books and websites out there pulling in the best practices from many DMs. If you have read it previously then just try to keep the in-character metagaming to a minimum.

The year is 4707 (Going back seven years in time to the start of the adventure path). Much of the information in Pathfinder books available now are based on information that is discovered during this adventure. So your characters would not know much information on Thassilon and the Runelords even if it is in the books or other websites. Feel free to use the timeline taken from the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting guidebook page 200. Again, you may not know all of that but that is what is going on in the world.

Your characters should be from Varisia and in the town of Sandpoint at the start of the adventure. If you want to be from a bigger city perhaps you are operating under the promise to join the Aspis Consortium’s agents “once you prove yourself a little” and have gone out to join the fledgling Order of the Red Band in Sandpoint to seek some renown. If not the Aspis Consortium or the Pathfinder Society then perhaps you have an in with Luma Derexhi (the illegitimate daughter of Randred Derexhi) who runs the network of spies and adventurers who serve the Derexhi family? (both in the larger city of Magnimar 50 miles southwest of Sandpoint) Maybe she told you to go prove yourself and bring her back something of value to earn a job with them. Or feel free to make up your own reasons for being in Sandpoint during the dedication of the new Cathedral. Maybe you are simply a devout follower of one of the six gods worshiped in the new space.

Reference the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide for a brief overview of Varisia, its people, and places. Free download here.

I encourage you to use Hero Labs for your character generation. 20-point buy for stats. Standard starting gold for your characters. Begin with max hit points for your class. You can use an upbringing feat and use generic traits or those from Varisia. If you want to be from somewhere far away we will have to talk and have a good story. If you want to be a more unique race I encourage you to try it out. People will judge you more on what you do, not how you look.

Post questions below or email me.


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