Yorastor Farden

Prime Theurge of the Sodality of the Key and Ward of the Red Summit


Midling height with a slender build, Yorastor clearly has some form of exotic heritage in his past. Nonetheless he is not so different as to warrant staring or serious question. Normally garbed in light colored robes that flow easily in a breeze he has a force of presence that is uncanny for a person of his stature. Nonetheless, he is not socially as smooth as one would expect for his appearance. On the rare occasion his cowl is down his head shows completely bald. He has bright green eyes and dusky skin. His nails appear metallic as if they were formed from silver instead of keratin.

Of unknown origin and birth he has never commented too far into his past with the townsfolk. His reluctance is taken in stride by the community as he has proven his value to those that interact with him. He does not attend a regular service at the Temple like some folks but has been known to call on Nethys in rare moments.

Sandpoint has certainly had aasimar in town before and most townsfolk would be startled to learn of the same bloodline in their own Yorastor. His quiet, reserved demeanor shares nothing with the commonly overwhelming, preachy or morally superior nature. On the contrary, his seems to be more of a watch-and-see approach to life.

Yorastor is known to spend time chatting with members from the Curious Goblin looking to borrow books or swap information as well as a regular with Brodert in discussing the Old Light and other nearby Thassilon ruins. He personally has visited the surrounding area but not delved too deeply – always concerned for getting in over his head.


Yorastor Farden came to the town of Sandpoint 6 years ago in hopes of studying and learning more about ancient Thassilon from the Old Light tower. As the most prominent city on the Lost Coast he soon found he liked the local inhabitants and stayed on, working odd jobs as needed to cover his basic expenses. He has been fascinated with ancient cultures and history his entire life and is anxious, but scared, to strike out on his own to explore them. He possesses unusual arcane powers and a keen intellect.

During his years in town Yorastor has learned a few things about the locals. He’s also been into nearly every building in the town. As a man of keen intellect and strong personality he’s well liked and has put together some of the secrets of those that also reside in Sandpoint. And, like all people, Yorastor has his own secrets. Some, more tightly kept than others.

Yorastor Farden

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