Deadly healer


Blackheart was born Corril Dentu, the eldest son of Kevdeyr and Elithana. The Dentu family came from a long and ancient line of spiritual leaders and clerics, the White Shield. As had been tradition in the White Shield for thousands of years, the eldest son of each family within the order would join the order on his 12th birthday and train in the arts of clerical healing and support until the age of 25. Once fully trained and “of age” the new cleric would be hired out by the order to various groups and armies fighting evil forces around the world. Corril, gladly accepted this tradition and partook in the training with vigor, being described as one of the most promising trainees of the last 500 years.

The final step in every clerics training was a pilgrimage to a secret and powerful shrine, the location of which was known only to members. Six month before his 25th birthday, Corril departed on his pilgrimage, knowing that upon his return he would become a fully qualified cleric and ready to join the fight against evil.

Upon his return dread and horror overcame Corril. Instead of being welcomed back to fanfare and chearing, he returned to find the order’s monastery in ruin. All the family homes had been burned and the chapel ransacked. Because the order lived in seclusion, no one had discovered what had happened. Corril was able to devise that the attack had happened three months earlier but was unable to discover who had conducted it.

Upon arriving at his family’s home he discovered the charred and rotting remains of his parents and younger sisters. Seeing this carnage and destruction caused a change in Corril. He devoted his life to tracking down the monsters who had committed this horrible deed. To do this he knew he would need to be able to fight as well as heal and began a new life training in the fighting arts of combat, while still maintaining his healing skills.

After 7 years had passed, a new and deadly Warmage emerged. To symbolize this change and to commemorate the deep loss he suffered, Corril changed his name to Blackheart and set out on his new quest, a quest of revenge.


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