Order of the Red Band

Yorastor, Catacombs Part II - Preparation

Stuff in Town I

Yorastor is not injured physically, so he’d likely just thank Zenobia for her time and thoughts and then head to see Brodert the Sage. He’d explain their findings so far, in detail, including all of his thoughts on the arcana undergirding of the portal. He’d stress to Brodert that he has little time right now to engage in chatter or speculation and head home to rest. He’d ask Brodert to exercise his own research and offer up his (Yorastor’s) personal library for any additional materials Brodert thought he might need to help research closing of the portal. After resting till late afternoon, Yorastor would first check on progress from Brodert, then visit Ven and purchase a new robe and ink as well as chat a bit about some upcoming plans for building expansion. Next, he’d go by the Merchantile League to say hello Sir Jasper and then duck into the Cathedral to visit Father Zantus and discuss methods for closing the portal permanently. He’d head to the Rusty Dragon after that to say hello to the Band, visit Ameiko and have dinner. Then home to rest, scribe a scroll and sleep. Presuming the group heads back to the tunnels for clearing them out, he’d meet them at the designated spot.


Zandu abacus

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