Order of the Red Band


A return to Sandpoint

The last 18 days had been long ones. It started with a simple goblin attack on Sandpoint that led down a rabbit hole of ancient enemies, Thassalonian ruins, myths of the Runelords, demon worship, and a not-so-dead Sandpointian with a serious vendetta. The fates had drawn five rookie adventurers together and elevated their status to Heroic in Sandpoint.

With the disbursement of loot complete and the proper tithes and donations paid to those in Sandpoint who deserved it and those who believed they were entitled to it, the building of The Red Summit had begun under Zenovia’s careful attention.

Zenovia welcomed the party back to a quiet dinner at her house after the festivities of the grand and triumphant return. The glorious cries of townsfolk meeting the ship at the dock and hailing them all as heroes. A smaller ship had arrived the previous day with prisoners and rumors had renewed since Yorastor’s impressive entrance two days earlier. This quiet affair was full of drinking but with a less boisterous overtone. Zenovia had spent the afternoon going over the shipping manafest and making deliveries on the promises previously negotiated. It had been a prosperous day. More prosperous than she had even visioned (though she wouldn’t admit that to anyone here).

“Thank you for gathering in my small home,” she began. “soon you will have a much more glamorous meeting hall. Construction has already begun on the foundations. As you hopefully saw on your return we have begun on the draw bridge, a more secure solution to the temporary bridge built already, the great hall and the dormitories. After those are complete you can take up residence there although construction will continue for another three months at my current calculations.” She looked around the table at the heroes wordlessly devouring dinner and sloshing back “the good stuff” she had purchased from Gaven Deverin at Two Knight Brewery. This was a moment for celebration and she was losing the group.

“Ah-hem!” She said clearing her throat. “What you all have been waiting to hear, I believe, is how much you made off your foray into Thistletop Keep.” The five pairs of eyes in the room turned to look at her with spoons and turkey legs freezing midway to the mouth. Zenovia picked up a pad of paper and adjusted her glasses while squinting at it for effect. “By my calculations, the sales profits from today, which includes the sums of coins you brought back, divides out so that each one of you receives 1,709 gold, 6 silvers, and 9 coppers.” There were some frowns and grimaces as those around the table tried to do some mental arithmetic based on their estimates of the wealth recovered from Thistletop. Zenovia continued before anyone could protest. “I expect a further 932 gold and 4 silvers to each of you by the end of the week. I had to make some arrangements as several of my most trusted vendors quite literally ran out of money. The bulk of the sales will happen in another two days and then a further two to get the profits from a few items that had to go to a collector in Magnimar. That is a grand total of 2,642 gold and 9 coppers for each of you.” She smiled around the table at the gleaming faces staring back at her. Everyone nodded their heads and exchanged slaps on the back while congratulating each other on being rich.

“However,” Zenovia continued. “It seems to me that some of the retained items do not share equal wealth.” She could see a frown of confusion fall across a couple of faces. Her eyes went white as she looked beyond that which was visible. “By that I mean not all of you have the same power nor number of magical auras surrounding you. Yorastor, for instance seems to posses the most followed by Kohra. I do not say this to anger any of you but to merely keep the profits of such a joint venture the most equitable.” She had drawn closer to Yorastor during her talk and now stared at the wonderful ring on his hand. Its glowing brilliance was the brightest thing in the room. Glowing like a tiny sun she was as drawn to it as a moth to the torch. “May I examine your ring, Mr. Farden?”

Yorastor sighed wishing he had stashed the ring in his emporium before joining the banders for dinner sighed and removed his ring. Kohra chimed in saying, "Wren, what is it? We found it in a silver vase in the depths of the head. Yorastor said he could not identify it without more research.

Zenovia moved the ring back and forth in her delicate hand examining the ring through her cataract filled eyes, using her magical sense more than her vision. “This is a ring of force shield.” she said after a few moments. It is high level, more powerful than I or Yorastor, I suspect. But it does surprise me that you wouldn’t have been able to identify such an item…Either way, this is a prize worth accounting for on the books. The final say on dividing the wealth is ultimately up to you all but I would sugest that Yorastor forego his share of the profits today and we divide it only four ways. This would give you each 2,137 gold, 1 silver, and 2 coppers. Then Yorastor would enter back into the profit share in the future. This equates to each of you earning 2,000 more gold than he does from this endeavor. I am open to your suggestions and will do whatever you agree upon."

“This concludes our business meeting for the night. More to come in the upcoming days. Enjoy your return to Sandpoint and don’t spend all your money in one place. You will need it to equip for the coming war.”


After five days in town you will have the below listed gold available to you:

3,069 gold, 5 silvers, 2 coppers for Dorin, Kohra, Pel, and Blackheart.
932 gold and 4 silvers to Yorastor.

Any questions?

Zandu Zandu

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