Order of the Red Band

Thistletop Adventure 1

The party approached the island known as Thistletop from the North West. Hiding under the cover of darkness the boat approached the island without being noticed. Yorastor flew from the ship up the 80 feet to the top of the cliff and secured two ropes. The heroes of Sandpoint climbed the sides of the strange looking head of some ancient giant statue. The stockade is made of thick wood. Upon closer inspection it appears that most wood seems to have been scavenged from ships. A few nameplates remain affixed to some of the beams. Other timbers look like they once might have been masts. Approaching undetected the party was able to set fire to the north eastern corner of the keep. With a few twirls of a strangely knotted rope Yorastor caused a horrible growling sound like some night monster flying over the island.

Goblins started yelling in their foreign guttural language of squeaks, gurgles, and hard consonant sounds with a few common words thrown in for good measure. Three goblin warriors ran out of the main gate on the southern end and around to the outside of the wall that was burning. They carried buckets on long ropes and quickly threw their buckets over the side of the cliff.

Without letting the goblins even draw up one bucket the heroes attacked and chopped them into quick pieces. The goblins were surprised by the attack on the northern, safe, side of the keep. In response three goblin riders on top of viscous hairless goblin dogs emerged and looked ready for a fight. Yorastor looked them in the eyes reached into his pocket and said a few ancient words. All of them immediately, magically, fell asleep. The heroes rolled them off the edge of the cliff and called it good.

They circled back around the northern side of the keep hugging the wall to remain out of sight. Skirting along the western wall they entered over the rubble of a ruined tower. It looked to have recently burned down and the wood timbers were burned through with most of the tower having fallen off the island. Rubble covers what used to be some kind of storeroom. Crates and barrels lie mostly buried. A couple broke open revealing hundreds of pickles. The leg of one dead goblin protrudes from the rubble.



Zandu Zandu

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