Order of the Red Band

The end of Tsuto

On the morning of Sunday, 30 Rova, Mayor Deverin approached a small platform placed on the town side of Tanner’s Bridge with the dramatic backdrop of the cliffs rising to the cathedral cemetery behind her. The focus for this gathering was the infrequently used timbers jutting out from the cliff face. The timbers served as a hang point where a gibbet could be attached. This morning the jailer, Vachedi, was placing the dead body of Tsuto into the gibbet in the back of a wagon. Soon he would be hoisted and hung there until the flesh was pecked from his bones by the birds. This tradition was reserved for traitorous actions against the town and most often the gibbet held a person convicted of piracy against the fishermen. Today, it was Tsuto, bastard son of a former Sandpoint councilman.

To_Suffer_Without_Dying_3.pngMayor Deverin stepped forward to the small crowd of about 40 townsfolk who had come to jeer and hear the crimes against which Tsuto was charged. News would spread to the rest of the town. Religious services were in only an hour and by the end more than half the town would know. “My fellow Sandpoint citizens, we gather today to declare the crimes of Tsuto Kaijitsu against this town. He is charged with collusion in the attack on Sandpoint at last week’s festival. The Order of the Red Band found him using the abandoned smuggler’s tunnels to bring in goblins. He had on him at the time of his capture a notebook that detailed future plans for a larger attack. Had the Heroes not apprehended him we might be facing that attack any day. Thanks to their initiative and significant might they were able to deter this attack. If he had not taken his own life yesterday he would have faced execution today. He is also charged with the murder of his father and councilman, Lonjiku Kaijitsu. The torturous act by which this depraved mind killed his father means we cannot even show his body for burial.”

Kendra took a moment to look over her shoulder at the preparations and gave a nod at Vachedi. He started hoisting the gibbet up the cliff face with a squeak of the rope and pulley. Returning her attention to the growing gathering she finished, “He will hang here as a testiment to those who think they can betray this town until his bones are pecked clean by the birds and bleached white by the sun.” After her conclusion she turned and walked back up the path toward town. She did not even look back at the body hanging in the cage.


Zandu Zandu

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