Order of the Red Band

Swallowtail Festival

The Rededication

You are in town for the Swallowtail Festival. It is the annual autumnal equinox and celebration of food and people. This year is a special year with the dedication of the new cathedral in town. The cathedral is recently finished rebuilding after the previous one burned five years ago. The new one is a much more grand building and continues the long tradition of venerating six of the gods. This celebration is a grand affair and has attracted people from all around the hinterlands. People have been talking about it for weeks and the generosity of the taverns of Sandpoint have a reputation to uphold on this occasion. They all cook their favored foods and feed the crowds. Perhaps you have come for the food or for respect of one of the gods worshiped. Whatever the reason you are one of nearly two hundred people packed into the square in front of the cathedral in time for the speeches.


Zandu Zandu

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