Order of the Red Band

Runt Cormorant4

The Treasure Key

Journal of Lissi Taratosa, Sandpoint, Fireday 16 Neth.

I am now recovering from the long cold swim back to town. I accompanied Kohra who said she could find a boat. She apparently carries some kind of weight in town and was able to immediately hire a boat and captain to go pick up the rest of her companions of the Red Band out on Runt Cormorant. Her simple promises were enough. Very impressive. Writing now from the warmth of a small room and its fire makes me forget that it is so late in the year with winter approaching. The events of the last five days will leave scars on my body and mind….

Having this new group of adventurers stumble onto the island when they did was the gods work. There certainly was a reason they had been sent. Perhaps it was to talk the goblins out of eating me or perhaps it was to help them kill enough of the sea devils to earn favor and win these new magic items. Either way, I was in over my head with them. Some simple misunderstanding can so easily derail the whole quest.

I had been in that cage for nearly a day when Yorastor and his band came along. Yorastor is a very unique man. Older than most ‘men’ I’ve encountered, he is wise with the experience that only time can grant. He had taken an active role immediately in the discussions about what was going on and how to set her free. He even accurately identified her lineage without much trouble. Of course it helped that she was stripped to her under-dress and the swirling blue tattoo-like birthmarks were clearly visible slowly moving on her body. She could control their appearances and prevent them from showing on her face and hands. But the closer to her torso the harder it was to control. And she had never learned how to completely subdue them. But he was wizened more than most she knew.

The last three days with the band had proved pretty dangerous. Ii came out to the Cormorants in order to hunt and kill a harpy but other creatures infested the island. My plan was to swim ashore and begin tracking them. I swam ashore hiding from areal scouting but then was captured by fishergoblins. After some aggressive negotiations they came around to see me as an ally instead of an enemy. (In truth she owed Yorastor for that boon). That first night in a cage was not very dignifying. However in the three days since I met the Banders I’ve nearly died three times. Thankfully Yorastor is a mighty healer with his use of infernal energies from the abyss.

I’ve been a loaner most of my life. Ever since my slower aging caused my first real friend to quickly out age me. We were friends from adolescence. Both started chasing boys at the same age. Then while I was still full of spirit she decided to settle down and have a family. I kept in touch with her year to year at first. Saw her young ones grow up. But then as she reached middle age and her children moved out to have families of their own I didn’t feel that I fit in any more. My visits had lessened over the years to where I didn’t know she had died for three years. I find that casual acquaintances work better for me. Perhaps I just don’t want to see another friend die again. But this party has a spirit about them. They don’t seem to have a care for their own mortality which makes it easy for me to think I won’t outlive them. They are crazy.

Their actions produce results. This ring found in the box is most interesting. A beautiful nautical motif of such delicate design. It fits perfectly on my delicate hand. So many human items often feel weighty and bulky on my wispy body with dijnn blood of my father. However this feels like it was made for me. What gifts the magic bestows I will have to discover. Kohra has discovered her armor grants underwater maneuverability and water breathing. I’ll begin testing the magic soon. I feel tendrils of it reaching out to my mind and asking me to go to the water. It must be related.

Discovering the answer to key and box was not very pleasant. The goblins had handed over a “key” that was entrusted to them by a wizard who had shipwrecked on the island before anyone could remember. The wizard had had a notebook with him but the goblins had long ago used it as fire starter. Not knowing what to do with the key themselves they bartered with the Banders to kill their mortal enemies, the Sahaugin, in exchange for taking them to the hiding place of a great treasure and giving them the key. I tagged along to see if this venture helped lead me to the harpies. The goblin chief had told me I was on the wrong island and I would need the help of the Banders’ boat to get to the next island. The Banders were here to stop disappearances of travelers on the road and suspected the harpies of the disturbances. It seemed our missions aligned.

That first night was a fight to remember. Twelve Sahaugin lay dead by two hours after midnight. Thinking we had killed most of their raiding party we withdrew to the village for the rest of the night. The Sahaugin attacked with thirteen more of their reserves. That was the first time I nearly died. We were victorious in the end with the help of the goblins. We then rested for a day and a half after which we received the key.

Knucklebone_of_Fickle_Fortune.pngThe key was the cause of my near death twice more. It was a unique looking device. A perfect sphere. Kohra took it in her hand and then without explanation rolled it like one would when casting lots in a game of dice. To our collective astonishment the sphere became suspended in the air about eye level. Some kind of aura emerged from the sphere looking like dust motes and settled on Kohra. She immediately suffered a negative reaction. After Kohra’s adverse reaction to the roll (she became immobilized) we decided not to roll it for a while longer. The banders seemed to be dead set on continuing to roll it as the method to unlocking the final treasure. But we hadn’t even found the treasure. So we dragged Kohra’s unmoving body with us out of the goblin town. The Kijimuna had begun to believe we might be cursed after the adverse effects of the sphere, key, thing.

Fast forward a half day and we had hauled an immobilized Kohra with us to the sea shore where a smallish-ship lay half buried in the surf and sand. The wreck did seem quite old. I jumped down into the hold through a hole in the side of the wreck and was immediately set upon by an enormous crab who had claimed the place as his lair. My vision had failed to reveal him hiding below the water of within the hold. It was a close call with the crab. I nearly died again. But with the help of Dorin, Milo, and Yorastor we were able to fell it. Yorastor cast the killing blow. He is really quite something.

After that battle we recovered the true treasure and the rolling began anew. Kohra finally woke up and at some point we spent another night out there. My memory is clouded by pain and various magical affects from that dammed sphere key. Kohra took her turn with rolling again and became immobilized once again. I know I did not support the careless medeling of such a magical weapon that we did not understand. However after Yorastor rolled the sphere for his 10th time he inserted it into the keyhole a final time and it opened. Inside the box held magical items for each of us. With our names on them as if it had been waiting for us to open the box for all those years.

I will have to investigate this item and see what its purpose is and how it works. Perhaps there is someone in Sandpoint or back in Magnimar who can divine its secrets.

The members of the Red Band were friendly enough to extend me accommodations in their newly built quarters. The construction seems to be sound and it will be a veritable keep when finished. I will spend a few days (weeks?) here re-evaluating my sense of purpose while recovering. A most interesting Ms. Zenovia Wren has offered to let me keep the room as long as I work for it. I am not sure exactly what she has in mind but she seems to think it is very important. We will see how long that lasts. I suspect I will bore of the cleaning and birthing that are my only talents outside of my bow arm.


Zandu Zandu

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