Order of the Red Band

Runt Cormorant3

The Massive Attack

The first wave of Sahuagin attacked shortly after midnight. The second wave attacked at nearly 2am. Lissi had suggested after the first attack that they pull the Sahuagin bodies up to the center of a flat space on top of the cliffs and wait for the Sahuagin to come and claim their dead. Kohra had suggested they might want to reclaim them for burial reasons. Lissi privately rejoiced that they followed her direction and a security perimeter was established with those who could see in the dark outside the line of the torches while those with human vision centering on the middle.

Sahaugin_by_VegasMike.jpgA large number of Sahuagin attacked from the north and west and attacked from beyond the line of sight with crossbows. Varg was the first to get hit. His loud yelp alerted the rest of the party to the presence of enemy. Dorin fell during the course of aggressive negotiations despite Yorastor’s best intents. Lissi loosed two arrows from 75 feet and felled the first Sahuagin. Another fell by Kohra’s hand and a third fell by Milo. The forth was taken out during the heat of battle when three people attacked. Milo and Dorin both claim the kill.

By the end of the battle there were 13 dead Sahuagin and Dorin had been healed by Yorastor. The lengthy debate followed about what to do with the dead 13 Sahuagin. In the end Kohra persuaded us to cutting off the heads and returning them to the Kijimuna. We returned to the Kijimuna village with 13 Sahuagin heads.

After returning, Milo volunteers to watch while the rest sleep. On his third hour of guard he hears a shout of the Kijimuna scout who emerges with a crossbow bolt in his side. The rest of us awaken and begin to fight. It seemed from the noise that at least 11 enemy fire at us from the woodline pining us down. Milo moves north and attacks and kills one. Dorin moves west to engage an enemy and Lissi drops one to his north

At this point the Kijimuna joined the fight and all hell broke loose. Eight Sahaugin remained against 5 heroes and 9 Kijimuna.


Zandu Zandu

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