Order of the Red Band

Runt Cormorant 2

Lissi's Perspective

Notes 19 Aug 15, 2130

Lissi dropped off 500 yards off north shore of Runt Cormorant. Swam to shore and was immediately taken captive by a hoard of angry goblins. Their pikes and nets poked and netted her until resistance was futile. Nonetheless, Lissi resisted until the last. Using her dagger she attempted to cut herself free. She stabs at a few of the goblins and is eventually subdued by a blow to the back of the head.

Lissi comes to staked to the ground in a sitting position on the edge of some sort of patrol base of the Kijimuna. The Kijimuna did not want to talk to her after the slight tousle. After nearly a day the goblins bring another group of four to the camp in bonds. This sparks a relatively lively discourse in common and is much more intelligible than the previous discussions amongst themselves.

The newcomers asked about Lissi’s conditions and she fires off with a firery retort against their attack. She lists her brutal attack and being knocked out. The newcomers do not seem to believe her when she tells of her reasons for being on the island in search of the harpies.

Lissi keeps her ears open and her mouth shut, more out of habit than desire. The chieftain of the tribe lists many enemies to their tribe. He asks the newcomers to go after the Sahaugin clan of aquatic creatures. He seems to want to force the newcomers to go to war with the Sahaugin to save the tribe’s life.

Some Shoanti woman says he is the hero of the Red Band and his party is here to investigate disappearances of sailors and fisherman.

Lissi decides to ally with the party in order to make it safely off the island. The threat of Sahaugin in the water and their warrior mentality seemed like more than she was willing to take on at one time. The chieftan’s quest to beat the Sahaugin back seemed like the best bet at this time. After nearly an hour of negotiations the party agreed to take Lissi on and let her scout from the front. They don’t seem to trust her at all.

Lissi suggested that the party hide on top of the cliffs and watch the beach in hopes of discovering the Sahaugin when they emerge from the water after sunset. The party follows her advice and she takes momentary pleasure in their following her directions. Dorin Jal identifies four Sahaugin have been in the area and we hide to keep watch. The party takes time to scout the area and finds a disputed harpy/other feather on the ground. It is clear that the area was the site of a recent fight between at least one humanoid type and something else. After a few moments of debate it is agreed that this is a harpy feather from the lower belly region.

After waiting all afternoon and three hours after dark three Sahaugin emerged from the sea. Lissi is the first to retaliate after Dorin takes two attacks.

We got into contact with 6 Sahaugin and then Yorastor waved some hands and did something to five of them. Meanwile I concentrated fire on the one who was trying to out flank us. Kohra runs in all willy nilly and then blasted four of the sahaugin. She also did damage to Milo, her companion, but he didn’t seem to notice. After that, I dropped the one trying to flank us and immediately turned and scored a hit on one on the beach below my spot on the cliffs. Dorin followed up with a few shots and one retreated into the surf. Yorastor dropped the third one and two remained. Kohra attacked next. She ran into the fray and killed the fourth of five remaining Sahaugin. The sole remaining Sahaugin was mortally wounded and stunned. Dorin’s beast, Varg visciously attacked him and tore out his throat in a spout of blood and gore. The body count was five on the beach at the end of the evening.

Each of the five Sahaugin carried a heavy crossbow with 10 bolts and one trident. No other items of value or wealth. One escaped into the water but five died valiantly in battle. We withdrew back to the Kijimuna camp and rested for the night.

Lissi was not sure what to make of the hero group. Kohra, the shoanti half-blood seemed to be half the face of the company. The other face was the thurge, Yorastor. Lissi had looked to Kohra during the previous day to see how the party interacted with the sole female in the group. They seemed to accept her for her competence and not based on her sexual role or her prettiness. That boded well for Lissi. The group had accepted some of Lissi’s points when she mentioned them. That was a bonus and hopefully meant they would accept her if she traveled with them for a time.


Zandu Zandu

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