Order of the Red Band

Ruins beneath Sandpoint

Emerging from the sandworks for the second consecutive day with more slain demons the townsfolk clapped their hands for the Red Band. vargouille.jpg Yorastor carried the dead Varigoule in his hand and the gathering crowd looked on in fright. Cries of thanks rang out from the people of the town and more than one young woman threw herself at Dorin. There were a few dissenters in the crowd looking on with disdain but not saying anything. It is possible that the local Scarnzi branch did not look at the growing fame of some do-gooders in their town with excitement.

Alaznist.pngThe wicked and beautiful ranseur carried out glinted in the sunlight and gave a very military look to the party. Word spread quickly of the existence of the underground complex right below the city streets. An evil had been dwelling there for thousands of years and now it was gone. Brodert described his plans for excavating the stairs and continuing his study of the complex. “It must be connected to the Old Light and its reason for being here. There are weeks, months of work to be done down there!”

Mayor Deverin sent a runner from the town hall asking a report of the heroes actions. The messenger invited one or more to lunch and discuss the situation.

As members of the Order of the Red Band met with Mayor Deverin and filled her in on the events of the last day and a half she had a scribe take notes. She explained that she was sending a messenger to Magnimar to update Sheriff Hemlock on the latest developments. “This information will surely help him secure our requested forces. I ask you to remain in town until he returns. It should be another three or four days before he returns. We will discuss plans when he returns.”


Zandu Zandu

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