Order of the Red Band

Milo's Deer Diery


The other day we went to a crazy house. It smelled REAL bad. They kept a rat man in a cage who bit Kohra and gave her disease. The best part was in the basement there was a bunch of zombies! I ran at them and they got so scared that everything froze. Then they caught on fire. Then they distapeered. The evil wizard was like “please save me” but we knew he did the nasty with corpses. I was like “GUILTY!” and then we chopped his head off. Sweet.

Then we went to the worst farm ever. Those scarecrows were not helpful. The house had more zombie things in it and it somehow smelled worse than the crazy house. One zombie bit Kohra and gave her a disease, again.

The county folk said a giant zombie thing flew around at night, so we went to check out yet another really smelly house. But we’re really smart. No more smelly house for us so we went down the well! Turns out wells smell bad too. I heard Kohra scream so I went down quicklike. She did a triple summer salt, tripped, and dove straight into a giant bat’s mouth. You guessed it: diseased again. I’m telling you man, you better know a good cleric if you get friendly with her if you know what I mean. Anyway, I yelled at the giant bat and killed it in like 2 hits. No problem, village saved.

Now we gotta somehow get the dog down a well. This is way better than Riddleport.


Zandu clintmdavis

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