Order of the Red Band

Local Heroes 4

Waking early on the fifth day in town the heroes went out on a hunt with Aldern. Fetching their horses from Goblin Squash Stables Daviren Hosk complemented them on the work they did with the goblins that attacked town. He motions to the leathery ears nailed to the rafters of the stable and boasts about his adventures earlier in life. Daviren offers the heroes 5 gold for each pair of ears they bring him to augment his collection.

Riding out half an hour to the hunting ground conversation ranged from flattering to questioning. Aldern talked about the players ambitions and how they got to where they are today. He discussed his house south of Sandpoint and returning to his home in Magnimar the following day. After an hour of beating the bushes the party spotted a boar and made the kill with bows. Aldern called in his porters to quarter the animal and load it onto the pack mules. The hunt took just over four hours. Returning to the Rusty Dragon Aldern turned the meat over to Ameiko who was thrilled to see the flanks and put it on the barbecue for the next eight hours.

That evening after a half day in town and the heroes keeping up a presence as requested by the Sheriff they gathered back in the Rusty Dragon to eat the spoils of their hunt. The food was amazing, seasoned with Ameiko’s secret blend of foreign spice. In the middle of festivities that free food brings to the Dragon, Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu burst into the inn and shouted in a foreign language. He walked into the inn and spotted the heroes sitting at a table near the door. He immediately turned his ire on them and shouted about their bringing trouble to Sandpoint. He called them “a band of filthy vagrants”. Ameiko came out from the kitchen wielding a soup ladle and replied in the foreign tongue. They argued and he grabbed her arm to drag her out of the inn with him. Kohra had seen just about enough abuse from the old man. She stood up and hit him twice in the stomach. Ameiko hit him on the head with the ladle spattering fish stock and potatoes all over his hair and clothes. Lonjiku cried out to his daughter in the foreign language and then fled the building. Ameiko, almost in tears put on a brave face and turned to the room full of people and announced into the stunned silence, “I’ll need a well cleaned ladle now since Jackass Stew is not on the menu.” The room erupted into cheers as Ameiko went back into the kitchen. Kohra followed to ask about what happened and Ameiko confided that her father was going back to Magnimar and wanted her to go with him. She did not and he said the hurtful remark that she is as dead to him as her mother. Thanking Kohra for her kindness she turned back to the kitchen.

Kohra returned to the table and asked Yorastor to fill in the details about the Kaijitsu family history. Yorastor explained that Lonjiku was a founder of Sandpoint. One of the four families. His wife died five years earlier and it wrecked his family. Lonjiku had never been the same. Ameiko had tried her hand at adventuring and returned home to attend her mother’s funeral. She bought the Rusty Dragon with the money from her travels and hadn’t looked back. She is something of an embarrassment to Lonjiku and the nobility of the Kaijitsu family reputation. Yorastor reflects that he now finds himself childless and may be happier that way.


Zandu Zandu

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