Order of the Red Band

Local Heroes 3

By morning the news had spread like wildfire across the savannah. The Sandpoint Heroes had cleared out the haunting demons on Chopper’s Island. Aldern Foxglove sent word to the party that he understood they would need to recuperate and should not worry that he would feel put off by them taking a day to do that. He was in town another day and would take them on the hunt the following day ( Day 5) before he returned to Magnimar.

Kohra had sought out Wren immediately upon returning to town and spent the night in Wren’s bed with her looking after her wounds. Zenovia was skilled and thoughtful. She saw fate as placing her at the crossroads of the future Order of the Red Band, their caretaker of sorts. Using an old wand of Infernal Healing to cure Kohra she put the younger girl to sleep. Even after all the years apart Zenovia still felt responsible for Kohra. She had been at the orphanage when Kohra arrived in Sandpoint following the attack and kidnapping of Kohra’s brother. They had bonded and Zenovia took her under her wing. Strange how fate wove them back together. While Kohra slept with magical aid Zenovia worked her craft on her friend. She placed a tattoo on her left upper arm of intricate and beautiful designs. Lines of fate as Zenovia’s visions showed her. The plans fate held for Kohra. This tattoo was a last resort to save her friend’s life at some future time. The magic she imbued into the tattoo channeled negative energy that would heal her cursed friend. A tattoo of inflict light wounds. She also left out a potion of inflict light wounds and two of infernal healing. The latter were a more reliable method of healing but were better not used when seconds meant the difference between life and death.

Yorastor did not sleep when he returned home. He went straight to the scriptorium and began deciphering the magical markings on the vellum he had found in the halls below Stoot’s house. After successfully transcribing the spell into his own spellbook Yorastor went to bed a very happy man with a new plan. The next morning he went straight away to the Sandpoint Mercantile League where he sat down with Sir Jasper Korvaski and discussed the future of the land known as Chopper’s Island. As Yorastor saw it the land was a burden to them at this point. He knew that they had tried, unsuccessfully, to sell it in the past. Through his charm and knowledge of local going’s on Yorastor was able to convince Sir Jasper that deeding the island to him was in the best interest of town and the League. Promises of building on the land meant property taxes to the guild and also ensured no evil would rise there again. Sir Jasper struck the deal with Yorastor at 10 minutes to 10 on Wealday 26 Rova 4107.

Zenovia did not take long to see the fates in written in the flights of sparrows outside her house. Yorastor was proving to make himself useful in the future of the Varisia. The order of the Red Band would one day spread across the country and beyond. It was starting here…now. A grand guildhall would soon stand on top of the isle north of town, no longer known as Chopper’s Island, but something grander. The Red Summit, perhaps. Both a reference to the island height and to the seat of power of the Band.

Taking her eyes from the sky Zenovia went to visit Blackheart, Pel, and Dorin. The cleric and others were staying in rooms above the Rusty Dragon. She told them her vision of the future for the Order of the Red Band. There were tough times ahead. She had glimpsed possible eventualities and every good outcome had versions of the five Sandpoint heroes.

“What I propose is a partnering of some degree. Your adventures will take you far and wide across Varisia. I will act as your agent here in Sandpoint and use my skills to try and prepare you for what you will face. I will procure items you require and heal you as best I can when you are injured. You will provide me with 10% of what you find in your adventures and with that I will build the guildhall as you all desire. Events are already underway that will lead to a great hall on top of what was once called Chopper’s Island. It will not be called that for long.” With that she squinted at the party members looking for their approval. She reached into her pocket and drew out a slender wand. Handing it to Blackheart she said, “This wand of cure light wounds will aid you in your upcoming battles. There are only 15 remaining charges on it. Use it well.”


Zandu Zandu

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