Order of the Red Band

Local Heroes 2

The Dead of Night

Day 3.

After Dorin’s retelling of his events with Shayliss he begged Yorastor into going to speak with Ven Vinder, the general store owner, on his behalf. A little reluctant to get himself too involved but liking the quality of person he saw in Dorin, and not discounting they were from the same home town, Yorastor agreed. He arrived at the general store mid-day and was greeted by a dour proprietor. Ven explained why he was down and attributed it to the rascal who he had discovered taking advantage of his daughter in a delicate state. Yorastor spoke on behalf of Dorin’s character and used the promise of a sizable order to help brighten Ven’s day. It seemed to work and Yorastor left with the promise that Ven would not go around town speaking ill of Dorin…But he better not see them together again.

After the evening meal, as the party was lounging in the Rusty Dragon for the third night a woman entered the tavern with a baby in her arms and a toddler in tow. She begged the help of the heroes to kill a goblin living in the child’s closet. The heroes entered the house and found an unmoving body of Alergast Barett crawled into the floorboards of the closet. As he reached in to pull out the goblin the starving goblin who had lived in their floorboards for three days lashed out in a violent last ditch effort and cut the man’s throat with the broken remnants of his dogslicer. Alergast died in the hole and the goblin tried to pull him in for a meal. Alergast did not fit and became subsequently stuck as the goblin pulled him in. Dorin pulled the dean man out of the hole and Pel dispatched the goblin in one swing. Sheriff Hemlock arrived on the scene as Yorastor was holding the children and Dorin was delivering the bad news of her husband’s demise. Sheriff Hemlock took charge of the situation directing to have Amele and the children stay at the Cathedral until word could reach her sister in Magnimar and she arrive to take Amele, Aeren, and baby Verah to live with her.

After concluding the business with Sheriff Hemlock and Mrs. Barett the heroes decided to explore Chopper’s Island, the rumored haunted abode of the serial killer who claimed the lives of 25 Sandpoint citizens before ending in his own death and the burning of his house by the city guard. Heading north they descended Junker’s Edge and crossed the tidal area connecting the tiny island to Sandpoint. The night was growing late and most of the town was asleep with it past 10 in the evening. Creating a magical light source the five climbed the 180 foot cliff with ropes. A city guardsman was alarmed to see spectral lights ascending the cliff-face of the haunted island and alerted the watch.

The heroes explored the top of Chopper’s Island with Yorastor pointing out areas of interest to the group. Dorin followed several interesting tracks to the edge of the cliff and identified them as belong to the Sandpoint Devil, a horrible beast that plagues the region and appears on foggy nights to claim his victims. The tracks seemed to be about a month old. Returning to the ruined house the party set loose a debris fall and Kohra and Dorin fell 30 feet down the spiraling stairs to the bottom. Kohra was knocked unconscious by the fall and Dorin was staggered and badly beaten.

Patching up Dorin was the easy part. Questions arose about Kohra when Blackheart mentioned, as a disclaimer, that he was going to cast inflict light wounds instead of cure light wounds. Kohra had told him before entering the house that that would heal her if she needed it. Blackheart was not sure so wanted the group to know that if she died it was not his intention. This resulted in a lengthy conversation about the nature of Kohra and if she was the kind of company the party would want to associate with and if they should heal her at all. In the end they bound her and cast the inflict damage spell. It did restore Kohra to a conscious but still bloodied state. She answered only some of the questions but would not divulge all her secrets to the group. Suffice it to say she convinced them that she was on their side.

The entrance room to the underground lair was dominated by a looming, man-shaped wooden statue, with legs and talons of a giant eagle, two sets of eagle wings, a twisted, gem-studded avian head, and a snake in place of genitals. Later Yorastor was able to discern this was the image of Pazuzu, the abyssal lord of flying creatures. A revived Kohra was struck by the quality of the gems the statue had for eyes.

A ghost of a boy appeared near a set of double doors on the southern end of the room. There was also a set heading north. The ghost did not speak or react. Yorastor approached him in a sign of peace and the ghost paced to the left and then back to the right before going through the closed doors.

After carefully opening the doors with magic, Pel was the first to descend a set of stairs. Half way down the 50 foot vertical shaft Pel began reacting violently to something no one else saw. Large red gashes appeared on his torso in the shape of wicked birds. He fell of the stairs and crashed to the bottom of the shaft barely maintaining consciousness. The air in the room beyond is stale and waifs the scent of mildew and rot in this dingy room. Tiny bone carvings of horrific winged creatures lay scattered about room. A moldy blanket in one corner indicates this room was once inhabited. Leathery papers lay scattered amidst the rubble and shards of bone.

Searching the empty room the party returned up the stairs and headed through the north double doors. Two human zombies were visible and the party arrayed to attack. Upon closing the distance it became clear that there were in fact five zombies milling around in the room and a lengthy fight took place with Yorastor felling the last one with his magic.

Believing that the danger was past the party then went to recover the remains of the boy from the lower level. No vision of Chopper attacked on the stairs nor at the bottom where his knife rest. When Dorin began to gather the bones of the boy his ghost revealed himself and began attacking the party. A quick fight took place where the ghost stole the voice from Dorin and left him unable to utter a sound. After dispatching the ghost the party was able to gather the remains in a blanket and carry it out of the halls.

The alerted town guard had posted centuries along Junker’s Edge searching for the mysterious lights on Chopper’s Island. They watched with great alarm as the light reappeared on the island and began approaching the southern edge toward town. Sheriff Hemlock told his men to keep a low profile and wait until they could engage the villains.

The five local heroes, battered and bruised, made very slow progress of descending the cliff from Choppre’s Island and then crossed a mostly dry beach. From above a voice cried for them to halt as they reached the beach below Junker’s Edge. “Identify yourselves, and what business do you have on Chopper’s Island?” Sheriff Hemlock demanded.

Yorastor was the first to reply identifying himself and his party. “Sheriff, It is Yorastor and the band from earlier this evening. We have just returned from the top of Chopper’s Island and have recovered the body of one of his victims, a young boy. We are bringing him for a proper burial.”

Ropes were lowered and the party helped up the cliffs. A town guard took the body from Pel and thanked him for bringing it back. “That is young Simon, Das Korvut’s son. We never did find his body. Take him to the Cathedral and wake Father Zantus. I will send word to Das. Perhaps this will settle the man’s mind…You all look a lot worse for wear than the last time I saw you. Go home and get some sleep. We will take it from here. You have done well good heroes of Sandpoint!”


Zandu Zandu

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