Order of the Red Band

Local Heroes

The goblin attack on Sandpoint the previous day and the successful counterattack by the guard and five others left little room for other chatter around town. Even Aldern Foxglove was praising their heroic deeds, especially the whirling blades of Kohra, a varisian dancer who could fell the goblins with a whip of her scarf. Other voices whispers of admiration rose when the members passed on the street. Alma Avertin, the baker from Sandpoint Savories, dropped a loaf of bread at Farden’s Emporium, into Yorastor’s hands with words about how he must be starving and can’t keep working if he is so skinny. The young ladies of town turn their heads and whisper when Dorin Jal walks by. His prowess with a bow or sword mean he could provide food and care for any woman he wants. And he has been out hunting goblins and keeping the city safe for years. Not much is known about the grey dwarf, Pel. But even he is hailed as a hero of Sandpoint and acknowledged with great appreciation when people see him. Several patrons of the Rusty Dragon last night bought rounds for the heroes and said toasts of appreciation and extolled their heroism.

That evening the five reluctant heroes gather to discuss any future endeavors. Kohra recounts a visit from Zenovia Wren, a seer in town and an old friend of Kohra’s who believes there is more happening in town than just a simple goblin attack. Wren shared that the five must play a role to save the future.

The conversation turned to exploring Chopper’s Island and discussed the history surrounding the death of its former resident.

Before journeying out to check it out Aldern Foxglove approached the table and extolled everyone for their heroic deed the previous day. He achieved a commitment to the boar hunt for two days later. (Day 4 game time). Happy in his plans to hunt with the party he beseeched Kohra to perform and he sat front and center for her performance.

Before the evening grew too late Sheriff Hemlock entered and approached the party. He confided that the town guard had lost a few people from the previous day’s attack and there was trouble reported from the graveyard behind the Cathedral. The caretaker had reported the crypt containing all the bodies of the previous priests was broken. He said that his guard were a bit superstitious about such things and would appreciate the help from the new town heroes.

The party agreed to help and left in twos and threes to avoid arousing major suspicion. Kohra changed into more appropriate gear than her performing dress and Sheriff Hemlock made his rounds at a few tables. As the party walked up the hill going north through the city Sheriff Hemlock asked them questions about where the out of towners were from and what their plans for staying in Sandpoint were. He confessed that having a group of heroes was good for the moral and safety of the town at a time like this.

The door to the crypt did lay bashed in and a mess of foot prints were discovered near the entrance. Examination revealed six goblins and one medium sized human (booted) had broken in and carried off the body of Father Tobyn, the previous priest who had died five years earlier in the church fire. The heroes fought two skeletons that had been left in the crypt.

Asked to keep it quiet Sheriff Hemlock thanked them for the help and bid them goodnight.

(Day 3) Taking breakfast in the Rusty Dragon near eight in the morning a young woman found Dorin. She fawned over him and begged his help in exterminating some rats in her family’s store basement. Dorin volunteered to help the young lady with her problem and marched off to help. She surprised him by being quite forward and pushing herself upon him with intent. Bare chested, and much to Dorin’s surprise her father stormed into the basement and discovered his daughter in a state of indecency with a man. Hoping to avoid a very dangerous misunderstanding Dorin ran for the stairs and left the store as quickly as possible. Returning to the Rusty Dragon he found Yorastor had joined the group and had to explain to everyone what had happened. It seemed he was the only one who hadn’t seen it coming. Yorastor mused that Ven Vinder (owner of the town’s general store) was very protective of his daughters and tended to hold grudges. He also commanded much respect from the rest of the town.


Zandu Zandu

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