Order of the Red Band

Kohra's Journey 1

After her friend left that afternoon, Kohra thought long about the motely group who’s threads the Texiri Fati had woven together and began to journal the previous day’s events.

should have trusted my instincts and taken more to the fair than my scarf and dagger. I need not let the safety this town once offered me, lull me into complacency. The festival was nice and the church definitely more grand than the last one. I’ll miss climbing the steeple of the old one though, that always gave W. a fright! The goblins were, to say the least, unexpected! If I’d known W was still in town I would have rushed to her defense immediately. Her loss would be insurmountable, but I believe the Texiri is nowhere near finished with her pattern.

The initial goblin appearance into the commons, left the townsfolk running in confusion and fear into the new temple. As I moved to prevent the goblins from threatening the innocent, I noticed three others were standing with me. The very ones W was telling me about this afternoon. As I danced the Culling Weave, the dwarf, who I later learned is named Pel, charged immediately into the fray and savaged the goblins before him in support of my attacks. However, before Pel could complete his charge, the archer, Dorin, whose hubris I’m sure will be his undoing one day, impaled a goblin from afar. His skill with his bow is impressive and I’m sure he’ll be the first to tell a lady so. How droll. The third who stood with me, I initially took for a commoner fleeing the attack. But as the Dance led me to a new foe, I noticed Yoraster casting from a nearby roof top, distracting a goblin from joining its foul compatriots. He then leapt, quite nimbly, to the ground to support from a closer vantage. This first group of goblins fell quickly to our attacks and once they had fallen I finished cutting their blighted pattern out of the Weave. As I did, I noticed the others looking on in confusion. Their ignorance is understandable.

The second group of goblins fared no better than the first and served to prove the effectiveness of our impromptu band. I probably shouldn’t call our group impromptu, the pattern of the Texiri is set long before we can see it. After again finishing the will of Fate, I and my three new companions moved toward the town gates, where the sounds of fighting could still be heard.
This third group of goblins proved to be far more formidable. I was wounded badly when the leader of the raiding party singled me out for its not-so-tender ministrations. Some primordial sixth sense must have allowed it to look beyond the façade of the men around me and ascertain where its true threat lay. This recognition did it no good. It fell swiftly to the Flaying Thread. This group was also threatening a local noble. Although he was handsome enough, Lord Aldern Foxgrove proved to be a useless sniveling coward. I shall keep his attentions though, the amour of a lusting noble is always useful. Especially when the fruit they desire is always just out of their reach. Ultimately this final group fell to our onslaught. Lord Foxgrove is suitably thankful, especially after Yoraster and Pel saved his mutt. This attack is troubling, goblins don’t usually attack fortified towns even if the gate is open. They’re cowards unless something far stronger drives them. Also troubling was their demeanor, they were more wild and irrational than usual. There’s a mystery here and I believe the four of us have been inextricably woven into its pattern.

W, unequivocally, told me the shop owner, Yoraster is trust worthy. He is still an odd sort though, with a tinge of arrogance about him. Especially his comment about “Be glad I left you outside of the effects,” after his spell incapacitated three goblins at once. Pel and Dorin are, as yet, unknown commodities. W seems to think I should trust them though. Regardless, the Texiri Fati has woven our patterns together and I shall do my duty in service to it.


OOC: Excellent disucssion +100 xp.

Kohra's Journey 1
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