Order of the Red Band

Into the Seven's Sawmill

Yorastor approached the manor with some trepidation. He didn’t like being away from the Band. He’s vision from Nethys meant something terrible would befall them if he did not save the man in Underbridge and if he was separated from the group for more than a day. His growing ego thought they would need his diplomatic and magical might in the city. While they party was plenty strong on combat and dealing with threats of the blade, threats of the mind and voice were less sure without him.

Nonetheless, his power-playing and side dealing with the Mayor left him drained. While the Band knew nothing of his machinations they would soon enough. He did it for the betterment of the Band and the city of Sandpoint. It was time the city rise up, throw off its shackles and stand as a true, free city. He would make it so.

He rapped on the door to the manor and awaited a familiar face…

…the sharing of information lead the Band to the Seven’s Sawmill. They observed the situation for some time but in the end Yorastor remained as convinced as ever something was wrong with the building and its owners. Despite the everyday appearance it just didn’t line up. Several stories in height, it looked well maintained as a structure and perfectly at home in the industrial area that it sat. Like nearly all the buildings on the water, it had large wheels for harnessing the powerful flow of the river. A shift of workers approached and entered the building, seven in number, a fact Yorastor did not let slip his notice. Perhaps more workers were inside – one never knew. He was of the opinion they should talk their way inside and see if they could get to the hidden item listed in Aldern’s letter. The others generally agreed but they didn’t have a strong reason for showing up per se. They concocted a story about an order they’d placed for the Red Summit and seeing to matters personally. It was as good as they could hope for in short notice.

Entering the sawmill no one was in sight on the main level. The water wheel creaked and sounds of the men moving above, ropes moving and a general feeling of bustle dominated the mill above. Yorastor had a flashing premonition – things would not go to plan…



Zandu Zandu

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