Order of the Red Band

Hostage Situation

The next morning Bethana Corwin, the elderly halfling woman who waited tables at the Rusty Dragon, woke the four heroes staying at the inn. Apologizing profusely she explained the situation in Kohra’s room. “I awoke earlier this morning to find that Ameiko had not already started breakfast. This is the first time she has never been up and working before me. The oven is cold and breakfast is not ready.”

Dorin Jal broke in upon realizing, “You mean there isn’t any bacon this morning???” he exclaimed rather perturbedly. He reiterated it several times over the next minute of explanation.

Bethana shook her head and admitted that she is not the cook Ameiko is and without her the business would suffer. “I knocked on Ameiko’s door this morning and got no answer. Against my better judgement I entered and found the bed undisturbed. Worse, there was a crumpled note written in a Minkaian. Do you read it?” She asked. Everyone shook their heads. “Ameiko has been teaching me and I have translated it as best I can.”

The heroes seemed clueless on who Tsuto was so Bethana explained. “Tsuto is Ameiko’s half-brother. He was something of a scandal when he was born 23 years ago. Since he is half-elf (and neither Lonjiku nor Atsuii are…)” she trailed off. “Well, he was quickly sent off to the Turandarok Academy and Lonjiku had to bear the shame. A year later Ameiko was born. She didn’t even know Tsuto existed until she was ten years old. She began secretly visiting him at the academy and they developed a sort of relationship until they had a falling out six years ago. He slapped her and that was the incident that drove her to leave Sandpoint and take up adventuring. She only came back for her mother’s funeral. But at that Tsuto showed up and had a very public fight with Lonjiku. Tsuto was very adamant that Lonjiku had pushed his wife Atsuii off the cliff to her death. Lonjiku almost broke Tsuto’s jaw with his cane after which Tsuto cursed him and left town. Ameiko had tried to find him but I wasn’t aware that she had found him.”

“I’m afraid that he is up to no good and Ameiko is in trouble. Since Sheriff Hemlock is out of town you’re the only ones I can turn to. Please go check out the glassworks and see what has happened as soon as possible.”

Hearing the pleas of Bethana the party split up with two heading to the glassworks and two to get Yorastor and fill him in on the story.

Arriving at the Glassworks at 7am the party scouted the outside. Peering into the windows Kohra was able to spy several goblins on the Western side of the building. It was the room in which the forges ran and they were burning low. The goblins appeared to be smashing glass and melting as much as they could. The heroes formulated their plan and snuck into the building. However their best attempts were not good enough and the goblins had heard them coming. Splitting into two groups they put up a defense in the southern door and another group above the stairs to the basement. Killing most of the goblins in quick succession two escaped down into the basement as the heroes cleared the rest of the main level.

In the furnace room they found the encased remains of the late Lonjiku. He had been tortured, tied to his chair, and then had liquid glass poured over him until he was covered in many layers of different colored glass: blue, purple, green, brown. Then they returned to the stairs and descended.

In the basement they discovered the two goblins and a half-elf trying to flee down a tunnel. The passage should have been nothing more than a hall with two store rooms however an old wall had recently been demolished and there were several hidden rooms and another long passage within the hidden section. Yorastor postulated that these must be the smuggler’s tunnels that had been part of old Kaijitsu’s operations before Lonjiku put a stop to the smuggling. He had only heard rumors of the tunnels under the city.

Attempting to check Tsuto’s retreat Kohra tumbled past him and a goblin and blocked the entrance to the rough-hewn tunnel. They traded blows and Tsuto cried out as he took two more blows from Dorin and Pel, “You’re ruining everything!” As they battle Dorin and Kohra try to get him to calm down by saying that they come to talk. A lull in the fight gives everyone a moment to catch a breath. Tsuto lept forward with double fists directed at vital organs. He was quickly dropped below health and bound then healed. Resistant to interrogation, Tsuto spit in the face of threats and said that the plans for Sandpoint were already set. He said “I know what waits for me on the other side!” The heroes knocked him out so they could continue the search.

The next room was apparently where Tsuto had been living for some time. It was in disarray but had a mattress and several pieces of furniture. The next room down the hall held Ameiko. She was unconscious and badly beaten. Waking her up she was able to shed more light on the plans than Tsuto had let on. She informed them that Tsuto had partnered with Nualia and had organized the goblins and were operating out of Thistletop Keep. She said that Tsuto had told her to get out of town before it fell beneath fire and blade. Nualia strikes a tone with Yorastor who believed that she was dead, burned in the fire that claimed Father Tobyn and the church five years ago. How could this be the same Nualia?

Searching the room where Tsuto had lived you find a journal.

You recognize one of the drawings with a circle around it looks exactly like what happened on the festival. Goblins had infiltrated the city (probably through these tunnels) and from the North gate. They had hit the crypt and caused mayhem. The journal contained may battle plans and one stuck out as truly dangerous with nearly 200 goblins and lots of fire. Yorastor is able to correctly identify the numerous drawings in the journal as images of a woman who is Nualia. She is depicted in many states of demonic transformation. The image of fascination for Tsuto is of Nualia with one demonic arm.

The heroes discussed many courses of action and Kohra scouted down the dark tunnel but returned after several hundred yards saying that “it keeps going.” The party was badly wounded and needed to recover from their battles. Searching Tsuto they found the items listed on the loot page. The party carried Tsuto and an unconscious goblin out of the glassworks and turned them into the town guard.


Zandu Zandu

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