Order of the Red Band


Heroes Welcome

The two months since the advent of the Red Band have brought several changes to town. Teams of builders have been moving huge amounts of building supplies out to Old Chopper’s Island, the site of the new Red Summit. Its first buildings were starting to show up on the island as a site of permanence in the town. The construction was bringing new laborers to town who were filling the inns and playhouses. The stables were full with mounts for messengers and foremen. Laborers within Sandpoint had plentiful work and it seemed like it would continue for at least half a year. Construction was scheduled to continue through the winter thereby promising stable work and food for many. Yorastor and the Order of the Red Band had made this all possible. Zenovia Wren oversees the day-to-day contracts relating to the building but she makes sure to let everyone know it’s for the benefit of and paid for by the Red Band. Most Sandpointers knew that their local legend, Yorastor Farden is the face and quiet majority owner of the order.

In other news, the death of Lonjiku Kaijitsu had left a seat on the counsel vacant. The counsel was established by the founding families of the free town seeking to escape the rule of Magnimar (and their high taxes). In the 40 years since Sandpoint’s establishment previous successions had followed hereditary lines. To this end Ameiko had been selected to join the counsel. However Ameiko was not enjoying the additional responsibilities that the title required. Wracked with mixed guilt and grief of the death of her difficult father she does not know how to proceed with the roles expected of her. Ameiko throws her energies into running the Rusty Dragon and entertaining all her patrons.

The town is in high spirits after the burials of the deceased farmers from the ghoulish plague. Another win for the Order of the Red Band. “Out there making the country side safe for all,” as one town crier proclaimed. Even the town guards welcome home the Banders as they return. Mikael reports to his sweet young girlfriend that some rumors had circled of doubts and questions if the band was still alive after 4 days of no word.

Pel Ortheis had been appointed as master of the guard in the band’s absence. He was hired on by Mayor Deverin in an official capacity to replace the previous head of the guard. Sheriff Hemlock backed the decision hailing his knowledge of fighting tactics from the wilds as a boon to the force. Sheriff Hemlock remains the over-all in charge but Pel runs the daily schedules and organizes training of the men. He brings many of his dwarven tactics of military discipline and is whipping the young new recruits into shape quickly.

The town is eager to learn what the band learned of the disappearances along the road. Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin asked for a report as soon as possible. Despite the recent successes of Thistletop and Foxglove Manor it seems fears from the goblin attack on the Swallowtail Festival still had people expecting the worst at every moment.

Townsfolk made a point to come out of their house and see the band returning home. Cries of kids rang shrill and happy as they waved and ran around their parents. Young boys and girls declared they would grow up to join the Band one day. Older siblings stood by scolding them while planning how they might escape the fate of following in their parents footsteps to have a life of adventure with the Order of the Red Band.

Turch Sterglus (fishmonger at Valdemar Fishmarket) asked Kohra if she would be performing a new dance or sharing a story of their recent heroic adventures with them tonight.

Sir Jasper Korvask ( Mercantile League) walked with Yorastor for a hundred yards talking and nodding. He seemed pleased with their discussion. Something about respectable people in town…understanding of the way things need to be.

Gaven Deverin ( Two Knight Brewery) issued a public invite to the band that they were invited to a special beer release later tonight. “A special one of particularly nice fall varietals.”

Ilsoari Gandethus ( Turandarok Academy) welcomed Lady Kohra home and had a handful of happy waiving girls with him. “Doing quite well now, all thanks to your generosity, M’ Lady.” He proclaimed. “We’ve even taken in three new young ones since your last visit.


Zandu Zandu

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