Order of the Red Band

Foxglove Manor 2

Knowledge gathered from Sandpoint gossip:

Foxglove Manor is over 8 o years old, and has been the seat of the Foxglove family the whole time. Some sort of tragedy struck the family a few decades ago, and no one’s lived there since. Common rumor holds that the place is haunted.
Foxglove Manor is known as the “Misgivings” by some locals, particularly by Varisians. It certainly has a bad reputation-sightings of strange lights in the attic windows, muffled sounds of screaming from above and below, and even rumors of a huge bat-winged devil living in the caves below the manor are but a few of the tales told about the place. The Foxglove family lived there as recently as 2 decades ago, but then a fire burned down the servants’ building, Cyralie Foxglove was found dead-burnt and dashed on the rocks below the cliffs behind the house-and Traver Foxglove was found in his bedroom, dead by his own hand. The children, including young Aid ern Foxglove, were sent away to be raised in Korvosa by distant relations.
Aldern Foxglove recently returned to live in the manor, but he had a hell of a time hiring locals to aid him in the reconstruction and repair of the old building. Until Aldern moved back in, the place was cared for by a man named Rogors Craesby (a retired innkeeper who lost an ear in a bar fight many years ago) who came in 3 days a week from Sandpoint to air the place out, check for squatters, and make minor repairs.
Foxglove Manor was built decades ago by Yore! Foxglove, a merchant prince from Magnimar. He and his family lived there for 20 years before the entire family perished from disease. The surviving Foxgloves of Magnimar shunned the place for 40 years, until Traver Foxglove moved back in.

After crossing the difficult terrain of the subterranian cave you reach the only solid door down in the caves. Busting through you find some sort of laboratory.
The air in this damp cavern reeks of a horrific stench-a foul combination of decay, brine, and mold. The cave contains a rickety table, its damp surface cluttered with all manner of what appears to be garbage: empty bottles, bits of clothing, crumpled bits of paper, and more, lying in neatly organized rows. A painting leans against the far side of the table, facing a large leather chair that sits nearby. This chair’s high back and cushion are horribly stained by smears of rotten meat and its arms are sticky with blood. A smaller table sits against the southern wall, its surface heaped with plates and platters of rotten, maggot-infested meat. The horrific stench of the room seems strongest to the west, where the cave’s wall has been overtaken by a horrific growth of dark green mold and dripping fungi. At the center, a patch of black tumescent fungus grows, its horny ridges and tumorlike bulbs forming what could almost be taken to be a humanoid outline. What appears to have once been an exquisite puzzle box the size of a man’s fist lies smashed on the ground at the fungoid shape’s feet.

The objects disturb Kohra who notices a few missing personal items, a discarded bloody part of her clothing from after the glassworks, and a clipping of her hair. In addition, there are various charcoal drawings dipicting Kohra in various dancing moves. Very well done sketches, some of which are quite flattering. However they are mixed with erotic and depraved drawings that make the collection horrifying and very creepy. This is all taken in in a quick glance around the room until your eyes find the man in the room.

A man no more, but an undead creature with ghastly apparance sits in a chair when you enter the room. He is missing pieces of flesh and has open wounds that will never bleed nor heal. The once handsome and cultured Aldern Foxglove sits now at the point of insanity with mixed thoughts and constantly fighting his need to feed. He has a nervous twitch in his left arm that causes his head to twitch in response and he speaks in a quick, excited voice when he sees Kohra enter the room.

Staggering to his feet he says, "You! You’ve come to me! I knew my letters would sway your heart, my love! Let us consummate our . . . our . . . hunger! "

At that he leaps toward Kohra and begins attacking….initiative. (see you tonight)


Zandu Zandu

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