Order of the Red Band


Copy from Yorastor's wiki notes:

01/06/16 – Shadow Clock Tower, the Finale

Used x2 wand charges
Used x2 Cure Light Wounds
Used x4 channels
Cast Boiling Blood, Magic Missile, Infernal Healing x3
Used Pearl of Power, cast Enlarge Person

We moved to the top of the tower again but saw nothing at first. Noted magic presence, likely invisible and then a terrible demon appeared. After a few more rounds we found it was Xanesha. She was terrible to behold and worse to fight. She charmed Milo, petrified Dorin and nearly killed Kohra and Olivia. Intense healing efforts on the part of Yorastor and Urbites along with steady attacks by Olivia, Kohra, Dorin and Milo finally finished her off. It was a dramatic finish – Olivia stood up, knocked an arrow and shot the falling Xanesha in the back, finishing her.


Zandu Zandu

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