Order of the Red Band


Copy from Yorastor's wiki notes

12/30/15 – Shadow Clock Tower, to the Belfry!

Time on the clock is 0300. We encounter Olivia.

We enter tower, which is terribly rickety. After sometime first scouting the building an enormous flesh golem springs from the garbage behind a wagon. It’s a short but brutal fight as we finish him. He fled the building and we gave chase. After Milo finishes him, we noticed three Tower Girls gang members watching from the Irespan.

We then had a running fight up to the belfry, with a single bell being dropped on Urbites and Dorin doing massive damage to Urbites. Urbites, Dorin and Yorastor make it to the belfry and rid it of three faceless stalkers. It’s a hard fight for the casters – they take significant damage.

(spells used: web x1, burning arc x1, sound burst x2, channel x2, wand charges x3)


Zandu Zandu

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