Order of the Red Band

Business Matters

Wren was waiting across the street as the heroes exited the Glassworks. There was a growing crowd of townsfolk who had noticed the lack of normal business and had seen Sandpoint’s Heroes prowling around the building. News had spread when they emerged with Tsuto, Ameiko, and a goblin in tow. Hearing the news she immediately ran to location and waited for new news. As the wearisome adventurers leave the Glassworks she rushes over having to correct her path when she got close enough to see them. “Come with me back to my house. We should talk before you rest.”

Leading them back to her house at a quick pace they entered her small shopfront and house to the smell of a rich stew cooking. “You can place your gear over there and relax a little. Let me get you some lunch.” Zenovia grabs some bowls and ladles soup into each bowl placing one in front of you. “Have you heard the people talking in the street? They are calling you the Sandpoint Heroes. You are gaining more renown around here. We will have to do something about that name though.”

She pauses and looks at the items set out for her to look at after Kohra asked her if she can liquidate the items for some coin. “These will be easy to sell here in Sandpoint. I have an in with the Jeweler. But these will be harder,” she said passing her hand over a few items. “I’ll have to send them off to Magnimar with an agent to sell.” Her eyes glazed over as she studied the tiny dagger in her hand. “This one will be very hard to get a decent price for. It is quite enchanted but its size makes it very hard to market. It might take a little longer to find someone willing to buy this piece for a collection instead of for use. I will make some inquiries.”

As you all eat, Zenovia turned back to the group and addressed everyone. Your fates are entwined in this quest. You have found a deep power beneath the very center of our city. Even I do not know the extent of the power and ruins below. I have seen a power that threatens to overrun the world as we know it. You must work together to change that path. You will be victorious but it will be difficult. You will travel far from here in the pursuit of your goal and I want to help as best I can."

Yorastor, you have purchased the island north of town and it will be the seat of a new power that will look over Varisia in the generations to come. The stars have given me a vision of the future and I will be your agent here in town. You can drop any items you scavenge from your adventures and I will act on your behalf to sell and reequip you as you will need. I will look after your interests while you are out of town. I see a new base of operations on the old island known as Chopper’s Isle. It will soon have a new name.


Zandu Zandu

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