Order of the Red Band

Arrival and Investigations

Our intrepid heroes arrived in Turtleback Ferry and asked around town about rumors.  They discovered the Paradise sunk three weeks ago under suspicious circumstances.  The owner was Lucrecia and Yorastor connected the dots that she must be the sister of Xanesha.  Random Villiager 12 told Yorastor that he received his tattoo in order to get discounts on the Paradise.  

After helping Random Villager 12 home for the night the players met Dorin's family and spent the night there.  They were saddened to learn of the recent death of Mandar, the oldest son of the Jal family.  He was the heir apparent but recently died while out hunting a manticore with his brother Stefan.  Stefan finally killed the manticore but not before his brother was mortally wounded.  Stefan returned with his brother's body and after several days of feverish sleep he passed away.  

The next morning the heroes ventured out on the lake to investigate the wreck of the Paradise.  They hired a local fisherman to take them out in a row boat and used spells and magical items to enable them to breathe underwater.  While on the lake bottom they found the wreck 40 feet beneath the surface.  The fabled albino giant gar named Pinkeye was feeding on the remains of the deceased and put up a fight….


Zandu Zandu

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