Order of the Red Band

12/21/17 Session - Journey Towards Ft. Rannick

Damaged pinkeye and drug him back to town. We traded his meat for a display of his head and teeth.

All the people on the barge drowned without a struggle. Almost all had a Sihedron on them. The boat sank from a whole punched from the inside of the boat out. Didn't find anything of interest or note on the shipwreck though.

Went up towards Fort Rannick. Encountered a Firepelt cougar in a trap. We freed it and friended it with food. Then encountered 5 dogs that attacked. We moved to the trees and then found Raukus Graul – a terrible, deformed ogrekin. He had 5 patches from the Black Arrows on him and admitted they had 3 members of the group back at their farmstead. He claimed to NOT have attacked the Fort though.

Spells used by Yorastor: Cure Light Wounds, Comprehend Languages (x2, used Pearl to recall).

Spells used by Urbites: Infernal Healing, Hold Person, Channel x1, Tengu Wings.


Zandu abacus

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